Taiwan’s president visits the United States, China has no reason to overreact = US official | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China sees no reason to overreact to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen’s visit to the United States during her trip to Central America this week and next, senior US officials said. on March 29. rice field. Photo taken in Taoyuan, Taiwan, 2023. REUTERS/Ann Wang

[ワシントン 29日 ロイター] – Senior US officials said there was no reason for China to overreact to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen’s visit to the United States this week and next week during her visit to Central America. He said it was consistent with the United States’ One China policy.

He also said he encouraged the Chinese side to keep dialogue channels open.

President Tsai will stop in New York and Los Angeles during her visit to Guatemala and Belize in Central America. I am scheduled to arrive in New York on the 29th and return to Taiwan on April 7th.

This will be the president’s seventh visit to the United States since 2019 and his seventh since he took office in 2016. After visiting Central America, he is expected to meet the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives McCarthy in Los Angeles. It was the first time that the speaker of the House of Representatives met with the president of Taiwan in the United States, and this was prompted by China.

A high-ranking official said President Tsai has also held various activities during previous visits to the United States, including meetings with lawmakers. “Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for the Chinese government to use this visit as an excuse to carry out aggressive and coercive activities against Taiwan,” he said.

Beijing has increased military, economic and diplomatic pressure on Taiwan, but said it would not pressure the United States to change its longstanding practice of facilitating travel through the United States.

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