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Taiwan’s purchase of vaccines, such as the 150,000 doses of the anti-communist espionage war, suddenly arrived in Taiwan | Modena vaccine | Arrived in Taiwan |

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[NewTangDynastyBeijingMay292021]Recently, the number of confirmed cases of Chinese Communist pneumonia (COVID-19) in Taiwan has continued to rise, and the shortage of vaccines has become increasingly prominent, and the CCP has seized the opportunity to block Taiwan’s access to vaccines in order to combat the Taiwan authorities. However, on Friday (28th), 150,000 doses of American Modena vaccine (mRNA-1273) suddenly arrived in Taiwan. It is reported that, in order to avoid the Chinese Communist Party’s obstruction, the flight of this batch of vaccines has deliberately changed its course.

According to Taiwan media reports, 150,000 doses of Modena vaccine departed from Luxembourg in the early morning of the 28th and arrived at Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport at 4:32 in the afternoon. Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center, told the media that this batch of vaccines will be tested within two weeks as soon as possible and will be given priority to first-line vaccinated subjects such as first-line medical personnel.

According to Taiwan’s “Liberty Times” report, in order for this batch of vaccines to reach Taiwan smoothly, the China Airlines cargo plane carrying this batch of vaccines specially applied for route diversion, with the main purpose of avoiding the CCP’s flight information zone. For this reason, the flight time of this aircraft has increased by about 1 hour and 13 minutes compared to normal conditions, and it consumed 22,000 pounds of fuel.

Some commentators said that the plot of Taiwan’s purchase of vaccines is similar to a movie about the anti-communist espionage war. The vaccine has become a “political offensive and defensive nuclear bomb” between the CCP and Taiwan.

Earlier, Chen Shizhong revealed to the media that Taiwan had previously negotiated with the German biotech company (BioNTech) to purchase the BNT vaccine developed by the company and Pfizer in the United States. Originally, the two parties had basically reached an agreement, but because of the Chinese Communist Party’s obstruction, Sudden changes occurred at the last moment.

According to Chen Shizhong’s disclosure at a press conference on the 27th, Taiwan’s relevant agencies have been negotiating with BioNTech for the purchase of vaccines since August last year. At the beginning of January this year, the two parties had just negotiated a contract, but BioNTech suddenly used the Taiwanese side in the Chinese version of the press release. On the grounds of “my country”, we continued to request discussions on the press release, and postponed the signing time for 15 weeks.

Shi Jingzhong, a well-known doctor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of National Taiwan University Hospital, posted on Facebook on the evening of the 27th that many people in Taiwan criticized the government that although the government claimed to have ordered 30 million doses of vaccines, it has not even shipped 1 million doses to Taiwan. The Taiwanese government has been working on the vaccine issue in a low-key manner, but neither party in the negotiation has disclosed it to the media. The post stated: “The government can only do a lot of things secretly. Why, I don’t need to say more.”

Shi Jingzhong also mentioned in his post that 10 days ago, a foreign friend sent him a video conference of EU members and Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie. The next day, the AZ vaccine took off from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and arrived in Taiwan two days later.

Taiwan’s “New Head Shell” reported on the 28th that Chen Shizhong mentioned earlier in consultation with the Legislative Yuan’s ruling and opposition parties that a total of 10 million doses of vaccines will gradually enter Taiwan at the end of August this year, and it is expected that at least 60% of the vaccine will be introduced by October. The people of Taiwan received the first dose of vaccine.

According to data released by the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center, Taiwan has so far confirmed a total of 6,761 cases of Chinese Communist pneumonia, of which 59 have died.

(Reporter He Yating Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Mei Lan)

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