Home Entertainment Tak Mayura opened his mind for the first time! After her daughter separated her husband Declare herself as a single mother.

Tak Mayura opened his mind for the first time! After her daughter separated her husband Declare herself as a single mother.

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After the heir to the entertainment Natcha Savetsila Sugar 25 years old, adopted daughter, a senior actress. Takmayura Alabaster Came out to announce himself as a single mom Since separated from Hong Kong husband for 3 months now (28 May) as a mother. Tak Mayura Open-minded interview about this story via One Entertainment One Entertainment respects daughter’s decision. And understand that human life can be mistaken

“We have to respect his decision. Brown graduated 25 years old, he came to say that he has a girlfriend. He is a Hong Kong senior. Decided to spend a relationship together But just in time for the COVID period Therefore organizing a small wedding within the family Which sugar is not in the entertainment industry So he doesn’t have to show anyone in personal matters.

Modern children have their own ideas. Think this is right This thing yes Which it may or may not be We have had the same warning. Say what we have taught him all along. If he understands But if he is confident in himself, he must agree. “

The sentence that Sugar said he did not want his children to see that their parents had a fight. Tak Mayura Revealed, “He visited him often when he was married and moved in with his husband. The man looks okay. But what he must have Which makes sugar unbearable Recognize the problem that only happened twice. Because sugar is a person who rarely speaks. Thinking that the male might be the one who uses strong words Which sugar does not like people who speak strongly Words that speak hard may not be cursed. But use words that are compelling And would be so strong that he could not stand Because he said he was already unhappy. Do not want the child to have that habit Asked him if he thought slowly, he said he thought. The date when sugar was decided He carried the goods back to the house. With a son and a housewife

We are parents and we can accept everything. No matter what Now, he has been back for more than two months and a month from that day. Now I’m doing a house for him again. Because he wanted to have his family with children Parents must forgive. He may have made the wrong decision. Is considered to be his lesson. “

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