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Takaaki Nakagami underwent surgery on his right hand for an injury sustained in Aragon. As for the FP1 run, the green light is on, but I don’t know if I can actually continue running after running. Rainy conditions would reduce the physical burden, but as a Japanese fan, the situation remains worrisome.

I want to check the performance first

Takaaki Nakagami

“My hand is not in good shape. It is not possible to have an operation in Barcelona and recover completely in a few days. The green light is on for FP1, but after FP1 we will decide whether to continue or stop. “

“In Aragon I was trying to pass Marc on the brakes for Turn 7. I went a little wide and Marc tried to guide me on the exit. Marc was completely ahead at that time. When Marc turned on the device and accelerated, the bike went to the left and I pulled my elbow out to avoid contact.”


“I’d say the contact was an accident, not Marc’s fault. It’s a racing event, so I don’t have any anger towards Marc or anything like that. It was unfortunate that I got hurt, but this is what happened. is too.”

“I had two collisions with Marc, but after the first collision I was already out of control on the bike. But I was really saved by the cyclists behind me avoiding me.”

“Usually everyone hopes for sunny skies during race week, but this weekend the weather has been very unpredictable. But for the fans, it’s the first time for three years, so it’s a shame. Putting the injuries aside, I hope the weather is right for the fans.”

“I tried the Kalex aluminum swingarm at Misano and it was really good. I think Marc also used it in Aragon and had a positive feeling. Hopefully I can use this swingarm this weekend. I think so, but since it’s this move, I’d like to check my performance first and use it if I can push it.”

“Many fans have already come to support us at the event in Japan, and I can chat with my friends in Japanese. It’s autumn in Japan now, so the design is based on the traditional Japanese autumn image. I hope the fans will like it.”

(Photo courtesy of LCR Honda)

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