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Original title: Takahiro Sakurai gets his wife to forgive NSPro and will be escorted by Mario?

In today’s anecdote, we bring you a piece of gossip and rumour. However, the rumor is for reference only, and it is good to treat it as entertainment before distinguishing the authenticity:

Of course he chose to forgive him?Takahiro Sakurai and his wife came together

In the latest edition of the Japanese magazine “Weekly Women” released today, he announced the news that the well-known seiyuu had been forgiven by his wife and that the two had reunited. Following the revelation of a derailment in a marriage in September last year, Brother Kao was extricated from the scandal of being on multiple boats in January this year. Affected by this, many times it has been replaced from the original dubbing site.

However, this report said that his wife had forgiven Brother Kao, and the neighbors near his house also saw that the two were still living together and seemed to have reconciled. Such a result can’t help but make people feel the scandal of Suzuki Tatsuya cheating on Lisa in a wedding. The result of this event is also that Lisa, who is a woman, chose to forgive. also mournful.

In addition, as for the question of who Kao Ge’s wife is, currently, Nizi Zhenzhen is the subject of more speculation on the Japanese Internet. Previously, Wenchun had revealed several information about Kaoge’s wife, including: a female voice actor, dating for nearly 20 years, a classmate in the voice actor training institute, a height difference of about 10cm, and serving as the company’s president . After screening by the Japanese media, except for the last company president who failed to check, Nizi Zhenli met the above conditions.

Maybe NSPro will be published at the end of the year? Or it will be accompanied by Mario’s new work

There is constant speculation about NSPro every year, but Ren Ren’s patience is always stronger than players imagine. However, a more likely speculation has recently spread on the Internet: NSPro may be announced at the end of the year, and it will be escorted by Mario Shin.

The starting point of this speculation is the revelation of Jeff Grubb, a sensational reporter some time ago. He said that he heard that the new NS will be published at the end of the year, but he also emphasized that this is only a rumor with low credibility. More recently, a user named Factory Uncle was kicked off the social news site Reddit and his posts were deleted. This person was once known for his accurate breaking news about NS, and netizens speculated that his kicking this time was probably due to Nintendo’s instructions.

In addition, it seems that 5 to 6 years is the cycle of replacing a Nintendo console. NGC (2001) was launched 5 years after the release of N64 (1996), and WiiU (2012) was launched 6 years after the release of Wii. Now that 6 years have passed since the release of NS (2017), it’s time to launch a new model.

As a new model with much improved NS performance, it is likely to be accompanied by a heavyweight game. Many players have pinned their hopes on the new work “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. But “Tears of the Kingdom” will be released in 2 months, and the news about NSPro has not been released for a long time, so it is basically hopeless to use Zelda to accompany NSPro.

So what other Nintendo first party masterpieces can accompany NSPro? Besides Zelda, Mario is the only thing everyone can think of. Now that more than 5 years have passed since the highest work of 3D Mario “Super Mario Odyssey”, it stands to reason that a new work should be launched. Combined with the rumors that NSPro news has been announced at the end of the year, the possibility of releasing both at the same time has indeed increased significantly.

The above two are all the contents of today’s various conversation. I don’t know if the Kao Ge scandal will subside because of the reconciliation of the husband and wife, and I don’t know when NSPro will come to everyone. So what are you interested in lately? Welcome to share your opinion in the comments field.

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