Take a look at Jinxed at First, the Unlucky Guy and the Goddess of Good Luck (Na In Woo & SNSD Seohyun)


The addictiveness of Jinxed at First

The first thing to follow is the story mixed with fantasy. Even if it’s a plot that can be somewhat predictable But there are many points that the series leaves us wondering and wanting to know where it came from, such as the meeting of the hero and the heroine that it coincides with. It was as if something connected them together. until our heroine who has never gone out came out to meet the outside world And then another interesting thing is that the hero has to come across bad things after meeting the heroine. What exactly happened?

The next interesting thing would be the story of a fantasy that is beautiful beyond expectation. I admit that when I first saw only the promotional images, I thought it was a lighthearted rom-com series. I didn’t think that opening the story would be dramatic. and put a fantasy like this Which after the series aired, it was stunned. CG graphics are very beautiful and magnificent.

And in this story, Seohyun is beautiful, sweet and very cute, outside of the script is already cute. When it comes to acting in this role, it’s even cuter. A young girl has come out to meet a new world that has never been seen before. Like that

As for Na In Woo, this story is a full-fledged hero. Very good show. Appreciate it. In the beginning, the heroine brought the heroine back to the hotel and was picked up by the president. and also had to lose her mother from this incident life is going to be beautiful but must be destroyed I think Na In Woo conveys his emotions very well. And when it’s funny, it’s also naturally funny. In addition, the role of Gong Sukwang will be a warm-hearted man. In-woo reveals the charm of the characters in this part is quite captivating. (Just a smile is enough to eat)

And there’s also another character to watch out for, that is Son Min Joon, played by Ki Do Woon. He is the handsome son of Geumhwa Group’s president. The president wants Lee Seul Bi to be a prophecy for this son. Meanwhile, Son Min Joon is friends with the lead actor. And he didn’t quite agree with what his father did. But which direction of this character will walk, we must follow each other in the series ^^

Why did the Goddess of Good Luck give him bad luck the first time they met? And from now on, will good things happen in his life? How will she continue with her life? In the end, how will his and her story conclude? Let’s follow together in Jinxed at First. You can watch Thai subtitles via iQIYI 😀


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