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Take a look at the award ceremony for 7-Eleven SMEs Sustainable 2021

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senator.-teacher. join hands with 7-Eleven to honor the potential of Thai SMEs Seven Eleven Sustainable SMEs 2021” Aims to create a driving force and be a role model for Thai SMEs Continue to develop and upgrade product quality to international standards. for sustainable growth with a special lecture build a brand SME in the era Next Normalreinforcing aspirations Let’s create and share opportunities with each other.pass the mission3 give SME

Mr. Yuthasak Phoomsurakul Managing Director (join) company CP All Ltd. (public) Executive Seven Eleven and seven delivery revealed that 7-Eleven works with 2 important alliance agencies, namely Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (senator.) andDepartment of Industrial Promotion (teacher.) award ceremonySeven Eleven Sustainable SMEs 2021” This year is the 5th year to honor potential SME entrepreneurs. and inspiring SME entrepreneurs in all product groups To continue to develop business and upgrade the quality of their own products to international standards. for sustainable growth This year, there are 9 categories of awards, including 16 SMEs who have passed the selection criteria and received awards.

“Even in difficult business situations But there are SME entrepreneurs. Not many have been able to stand up and grow admirably. 7-Eleven and the two partner agencies, as a continuous support and promotion of SME business groups. Therefore, I would like to be a part of honoring SMEs who can upgrade and add value to their products to the international level. With the belief that these awards will be a part of creating and expanding opportunities for those who receive awards of all types, whether it is a community product group. agricultural products Health Products At the same time, the award winner will be a model SME for other SMEs. and the new generation to develop their own products and businesses to be strong and have great potential in the future.” Mr. Yuthasak say

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For the special of this year’s event is It is arranged in a hybrid format (HYBRID) to fit the situation and for the safety of the participants. The activities in the event are exhibiting the products of the winners. with a special lecture on the topic build a brand SME in the era Next Normal by youOliverKittipong Wiratecha Head of Brand and Communications Management, True Corporation Public Company Limited for the benefit of SMEs to apply to their business. in line with the determination that “Create and share opportunities with each other” through the mission 3 give SME namely 1.provide sales channels 2.educate and 3.give support

side Mr. Weerapong garland Director of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (senator.) said that as a central agency that cooperates with both government and private agencies in all forms, such as providing assistance in accessing funding; educating To drive SMEs to grow and compete internationally And especially in the past Covid-19 situation, OSMEP has to speed up the action to help. through various measures such as government procurement measures or providing assistance to entrepreneurs through various projects of OSMEP and this award ceremony It is another important event for SME entrepreneurs to learn strategies and business ideas in the Next Normal era, including expanding the market to ASEAN and internationally, which OSMEP will be a door business information warehouse. To ASEAN and internationally (Your business information gateway to ASEAN and beyond)

Sustainable SMEs

while Ms. Ariyaporn Amankasoradej, Director of the Agro-Industrial Development Division Department of Industrial Promotion (teacher.) said the Department of Industrial Promotion or Dee Prom which is one of the main agencies to increase the potential of Thai SME entrepreneurs has always been aware that SME entrepreneurs It is an important cog in driving the country’s economy. Therefore, we continue to cooperate with various government and private agencies continuously. As an idea to promote and support SMEs according to the “STI” policy, S is Skill (Urgent Skill), T is Tools (Urgent Tool) and I is Industry (Urgent Industry) for strong and sustainable growth. For the cooperation in awarding the 7-Eleven Sustainable SMEs 2021 this time, it will both honor and inspire SMEs in all industries to develop. yourself anyway

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List of award-winning SMEs 9 type total amount 16 reward together with

  1. 1. SME Sustainablenamely

– Snack food “Nacket” from Tanna Foods Co., Ltd.

  1. SME excellentnamely

-Herbal inhaler “Hong Thai” from Thai Herb Company Hong Thai Co., Ltd.

– Dietary supplements Morigami and The Nature from Pa Lan Rai Co., Ltd.

  1. 3. SME Venusnamely

Spring rolls “April Bakery” from Singha Food Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

– Skin care products “Clear Nose” from NRPL Asia Co., Ltd.

  1. 4. SME Agricultural products include

Fresh fruit from Thai Best Products Holding Co., Ltd.

– Fresh fruit from S.P.S. Fruits Co., Ltd.

  1. 5. SME community entrepreneurnamely

productKab-mook Rungthana” from Rungthana Interfoods Co., Ltd.

– Herbal tea products and dried herbs “Doctor Green” from Darich Green Company Limited

  1. 6. SME creativitynamely

Dietary supplement product “Omes” from Omes Biotech Co., Ltd.

  1. 7. SME health productsnamely

Coconut oil product “Agrilife” from Agrilife (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

– food supplements “Real Elixir” from Nutrition Professional Co., Ltd.

  1. 8. SME excellent contractornamely

-Keng Engineering Company Limited

– Advance Electric Service Co., Ltd.

  1. SME Rising Star Local Contractornamely

– T. Wattanapong Subdistrict Partnership

– Phuket S.C.T. Construction Company Limited


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