Take away the “lung cancer” lesson, pass the clean air law, brush it down or continue.

air pollution a PM 2.5 mentioned again After a young doctor aged 28, the owner of the page Su Diwa tells the story he has found. “Lung cancer” In the final stage, half of the right lung was lost. despite being healthy Exercise regularly, eat clean food, don’t smoke, so share information with others that cancer is close to them. Anyone can be

Not long ago, a young policeman told the story. It is no different from the doctor who had lung cancer himself. Although working hard, with little rest, socializing like a teenager but likes to exercise He is addicted to the point that it is important that he doesn’t smoke either.

Although I don’t know what caused that. But many parties are becoming aware of air pollution. ‘Toxic dust’ PM 2.5 Which is dust less than 2.5 microns, which has been with Thailand for many years. and comes the season From the long winter across the year to the summer is immediately regarded as the villain Because the evil of PM 2.5 is that it does not become empty. But push friends like mercury, cadmium, other heavy metals, all of them carcinogenscancer

while information from said Dr. Weerawut Imsamran, Deputy Director General of the Department of Medical Services “Lung cancer” It is the most common cancer worldwide. For Thailand, it is one of the five most common types of cancer, the second most common among males and the fifth among females Every year there are approximately 17,222 new cases, 10,766 of which are men and 6,456 are women, and of these there are approximately 14,586 deaths or 40 deaths per day

which is well known to be major risk factors for the disease “Lung cancer” smokes or is exposed to second-hand smoke Exposure to carcinogens such as radon gas, asbestos, radiation, incense smoke, exhaust fumes and air pollution, especially PM 2.5 dust etc.

whenair pollution mentioned again clean air law or Draft Clean Air Management for BE Integrated Health Act … or Draft Clean Air Act co-created Thailand Clean Air Network (Thailand Clean Air Nerwork: CAN). And which has just been presented to parliament in January 2022, it was also mentioned again.

Professor Dr Kanuengnit Sribuaiam, Lecturer at Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Law environmental law expert and co-founder of Clean Air Network Thailand once said “All Thai people reduce their life expectancy by 1.8 years.” This is not a curse. But it is something that all Thai people have to face. If the air we breathe every day is Nevertheless, pollution levels are five times higher than the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The World Health Organization has setPM 2.5 dust Classified as a carcinogen in humans since 2013, causing 1 in 8 of the world’s population to die prematurely.

Although the World Bank report shows that air pollution in Thailand Cause up to 50,000 premature deaths, indicating that the impact of PM2.5 dust problems affects health and economic aspects.

Therefore, the right to breathe clean air It is a right that allows people to live with clean air that does not harm their health. and that they do not die prematurely, where the draft Act defines the word “Clean Air” means air that is free of pollution or contains pollutants in higher than normal amounts long enough to cause harm to people, animals, plants or property

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