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Original title: Take it away! Big Star | Li Wenhan boasted about his romantic body and responded with a laugh to get Du Hua’s one-day experience card

Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Text) Recently, Li Wenhan was a guest on Sohu Video’s self-produced variety show “Take it away!” super star”. In the program, Li Wenhan chatted about the variety show “The Man Doing Housework 4” a bunch of interesting things, and quickly took it to the point of laughter.

Li Wenhan, Wu Dajing and Tang Jiuzhou joined together to form “Da Tang Jing Li” All the comedians acted as comedians, and were ridiculed by netizens for not being very smart. In this regard, Li Wenhan said: “We are deeply hidden. . The unwise, wise and foolish type.”

This time, Li Wenhan was sent by the principal Du Hua to the housework college for further study, and was voted by netizens to blindly guess that he would be the candidate for “fried kitchen”. He is also busy disproving rumors about the lack of romantic cells. In the scenario simulation interpretation, the true feelings show the demeanor of the king of romantic physique, and the charm value is up.

Regarding the compliments of “Li Wenhan’s prosperous beauty” and “Li Wenhan is a bit of an expert in housework”, he said that he would like to forward the latter by hand, and responded aggressively: “Prosperous beauty is something that everyone knows and which he does not know. needs to be forwarded.”

If you get a Ms. one-day experience card. Du Hua, what do you want to do the most? In this regard, Li Wenhan put on the wings of his imagination, and raised the corner of his mouth wildly: “I will give all my shares to Li Wenhan!”

Sohu Entertainment: What percentage of the students sent to Housework College by Mother Black this time were voluntary?

Li Wenhan: It’s all voluntary, to improve my housework ability.

Sohu Entertainment: There was a poll before to let everyone guess whether “Fried Kitchen” or “Master Chef” is your cooking skills, but I didn’t expect “Fried Kitchen” to win.

Li Wenhan: They have no confidence in me. First, I want to declare my personality seriously. I am a talented player, so my cooking talent is very high. What I am good at doing is putting dishes in.

Sohu Entertainment: You’re not really convinced by the voting results, are you?

Li Wenhan: That’s right!

Sohu Entertainment: Some comments on the Internet say that “Datang Jingli” does not look very smart. Do you have any rebuttals for this?

Li Wenhan: Aren’t we smart yet? All three of us are the kind of people with relatively high IQs, with relatively high IQs.

Sohu Entertainment: Is there anything specific that can show your creativity?

Li Wenhan: We are the kind that hide deep and are wise but foolish.

Sohu Entertainment: Did anything happen in the housework school this time that would make others say “Wow, this is too amazing!”?

Li Wenhan: Gacha, I turned several badges.

Sohu Entertainment: What percentage of your family members usually do housework?

Li Wenhan: Usually, my father does it, and my mother does a little too.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you think it is very difficult for your father to do housework?

Li Wenhan: The main reason is that I am not at home. If I am at home, I will definitely rush to do housework.

Sohu Entertainment: Some people say you don’t have romantic cells…

Li Wenhan: Anyone? Who is he? Let him come out and face me, stand here.

Sohu Entertainment: We now have a chance for you to reverse his idea. There are a few small questions that can be answered. The first question is, what do you do when a girl accidentally breaks an expensive plate while washing dishes?

Li Wenhan: Oh, did you get your hands on it?

Sohu Entertainment: The second question is, what do you do when a girl accidentally brushes your favorite shoes?

Li Wenhan: Oh, did you break your hand?

Sohu Entertainment: Will brushing shoes hurt my hands?

Li Wenhan: I’m not worried, I have to take care of her!

Sohu Entertainment: When a girl cooks, she accidentally treats salt as sugar…

Li Wenhan: It’s fine, just neutralize it. I just learned that if you put too much salt, you can neutralize it with sugar, and it will become richer and richer in the end. Originally it was salty, and it became rich with a little sugar, and I was able to adapt it well.

Sohu Entertainment: Use three sentences to make children who don’t like doing housework immediately get up and do housework.

Li Wenhan: Do you believe in light? If you believe it, get up and do it.

Sohu Entertainment: Is it motivating them with positive topics that they are more interested in?

Li Wenhan: Anything can be rounded by you.

Sohu Entertainment: There are stir-fried enamel bowls in the front, and steel balls and shoes in the back Do you have any excuses for these two behaviors?

Li Wenhan: The steel ball is not my original intention, it is up to me to choose the props. I don’t know that I have to brush my shoes. Maybe I know. But then the steel ball asked me to choose it, so I did.

Sohu Entertainment: Is there anything that sounds outrageous, but if Li Wenhan did it, it would feel normal?

Li Wenhan: The steel ball brushes the shoes.

Sohu Entertainment: We will try your proposal next time.

Li Wenhan: You should get a cheap shoe brush first, don’t choose an expensive brush.

Sohu Entertainment: When two different compliments, “Li Wenhan’s flourishing beauty” and “Li Wenhan is a small house work expert” appeared on the Internet, which one would make you feel like you couldn’t help but want to forward it?

Li Wenhan: A thriving beauty. No, no, no, he is a little expert in housework. Beauty in a prosperous age is something everyone knows, and there is no need to forward it.

Sohu Entertainment: After watching “Meet You”, everyone thinks it looks good, but there may be some plots that are not cut in and don’t have a chance to show to the audience.

Li Wenhan: There will definitely be regrets, but the production team must have their ideas.

Sohu Entertainment: During the previous road show, the kids said that before the muscles were very good, but now it might not be as much as before Will you get injured?

Li Wenhan: No, no, go to the gym tonight!

Sohu Entertainment: Two days ago, you wore a wig with a long black and straight look, which fascinated many people. Do you think wearing a wig is particularly attractive?

Li Wenhan: When I wear a wig, I look like “Wu Tian”, the villain in “Journey to the West”, played by Mr. Heizi, very handsome, very like a rocker.

Sohu Entertainment: When big data recommends Li Wenhan’s nonsense conclusion, how long do you think this video will be?

Li Wenhan: I’m usually quite calm and self-disciplined, I’m afraid, I don’t think you can break it out.

Sohu Entertainment: Everyone sculpts a dog or a rabbit…

Li Wenhan: I only know clay sculpture.

Sohu Entertainment: If you get a Ms. one-day experience card. Du Hua, what do you want to do the most?

Li Wenhan: The day I become Du Hua, I will give all my shares to Li Wenhan! (laughter)Return to Sohu, see more


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