Take the idea of ​​”StoneHill”, the “Sarat Ratanavadi” golf course of the GULF kingdom.

For many years, the name “Sarath Ratanavadi” Undoubtedly familiar to Thai people because it isCEO and Director of Gulf Energy Development (GULF) One of the largest energy groups in the country and the region They were both among the richest people in Thailand. According to the real-time ranking of The World’s Real-time Billionaires by Forbes magazine, with a wealth of more than 420 billion baht. Thailand’s stock millionaire in 2021 as GULF’s share price has continued to rise since listing on the stock exchange in 2017.

Sarat was born in 1965 and graduated from Wachirawut Wittayalai School. Before entering Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Engineering bachelor degree Civil Engineering

Sarat has a singular personality. avoid social work This is evident from the fact that there are almost no pictures on social media. and rarely give personal interviews. But one thing people close to him always knew was that he was a golf enthusiast. and like that lead to the creation of golf courses Stone Hill The state of Pathum Thani, in Sarat, as the president of Stone Hill Estate Company Limited, wants it to be more than just playing golf. It is a new milestone in the world of sport and tourism and the center and purpose of the people.

Sarat Ratanavadi, CEO of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited, GULF at the launch day of StoneHill Golf Club

  • 3 principles for the best golf courses

Stone Hill club golf course, Pathum Thani Province, is a standard 18 hole golf course near Sarat tells the origins of the construction of this golf course. It came from my own intention to make a good golf course for a long time. That’s because there aren’t many top-class championship-level golf courses in Thailand. Unlike many foreign countries. and it will be a destination for tourists to be the showcase of the country

“The three principles I gave the team when finding a place. To build this field there are 1. It must not be far from Bangkok. 2. Coming from Bangkok, must not see a red light and 3. Must be close to a water source.

“Back then 4-5 years ago, we and our team did a survey to find the area. It must be an area not far from Bangkok. We both look at Bangna-Trad Road. There are many golf courses and it is an industrial area making golfing not so natural along with no water because the Bang Pakong River is salt water AND there will be problems with salt water when the sea level is high. so he didn’t choose In addition, he went to see the area around Khlong Hok, Pathum Thani, where there are also many golf courses. But having found that there was a problem with the traffic, the traffic was very crowded, so it was not suitable.”

“Considering all the principles We choose Chiang Rak Noi Sub-District. Chiang Rak District Pathum Thani Province As it is not far from Bangkok, get off the expressway and arrive at all. considered convenient for travel It is also near the Chao Phraya River. which can bring good quality water for use within the course And in general, it is suitable for organizing a large golf tournament of the first class,” explains Sarat when choosing the location of the Stone Hill club.

  • Than to be StoneHill

Stonehill The golf course was designed by Kyle Phillips (Kyle Phillips), together with a famous architect from the American company Hart Howerton, Timothy Slattery (Timoty Slattery). destination. and it is a place that reflects the ideals and tastes of its visitors.

At the same time, Stonehill’s design had to be challenging for players. And every player must be allowed to fully feel the greatness of the country.

“We looked for designers, from Thailand and abroad, until Kyle Phillips, who designed golf courses in California. which has a similar climate to Thailand In collaboration with the famous American architect Timothy Slattery, the stadium was designed with a natural atmosphere. In construction, more than 3 million cubic meters of earth have been moved to create the most natural slove of fairways and greens.”

“It comes from the name StoneHill. We moved 3 million cubic meters of earth, 14 meters high, and the Club itself was built entirely of limestone.”

In addition, the field is made of a hill that is higher than 14 meters and can prevent flooding for 40-50 years. It took us 4-5 years to build it. It should take a year to complete. But because there is a lot of space and the designer wants a full design On an area of ​​more than 950, with a maximum distance of 7,800 yards, it is very challenging for golfers.

  • The Passion of a Millionaire Who Loves Golf

More than 950 acres of Stonehill land can be divided into areas to create a community for a variety of users, for example, there are 2 restaurants, Ubuntu and Rock Creek, as well as a bar such as Firefly, each with its own characteristics and uniqueness . stand out Inspired by the different cultures of the people in each area. There is also The Pavilion, a venue for all kinds of celebrations. in a spacious banquet hall

care of the wise Not limited to building and usable space only. but also details the turf at the heart of the golf course by bringing in different species of Nuan Noi grass to be used to suit the weather It covers the tees, fairways and greens, make it a “modern golf course” according to your abilities. and the strength of world-class golfers

“A good golf course can only be built once, and the course Stonehill This place takes quite a lot of investment. We have designed it to be the most perfect. There are complete facilities. The highlight of the course is hole 17, a par 5, which is the signature hole. and have a bridge across the maes symbol That is beautiful and difficult is the charm of the maes. and believe that this is the best course in Thailand as well as having the opportunity to be number 1 in Asia.”

for the field Stonehill This will be used as a swing tournament of 48 world-class golfers in the Liv Golf Invitational Bangkok, which is a very large tournament. Between 7-9 October 2022, with a prize money of more than 25 million US dollars or 900 million baht.

“At this point, I think the stadium is ready in every way. Ready to organize international competitions such as liv golf, and in the years to come, there must be many considerations because the golf industry is constantly changing. which has the opportunity for us to organize the competition ourselves or lead other tournaments You can come in and organize a competition.”

“I want a lot of people to come and watch the competition. Because this tournament has many world class golfers participating in the tournament. this is an opportunity. There may be an opportunity to stimulate tourism and the country’s economy.”

give Stonehill It is a course and the pride of golf lovers across the country, where one of them has “Sarath Ratanavadi” The leading millionaire in Thailand

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