Take the ‘Mecca’ in your hand and win! Micronics MECHA ZM2 Gaming Mouse

[smartPC사랑=이백현 기자] Since the mouse is an object that the user holds directly, the design is very important. This is because ‘a well-made shell that fits my hand’ is the most important part of choosing a mouse. Micronics, a company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of gaming devices, established a design center in 2018 and has been directly designing gaming equipment. What does a Micronics gaming mouse with the slogan ‘Design Itself’ look like? Let’s meet MECHA (Mecca) ZM2.

Shell for users with larger hands and claw grips

Mecha ZM2 is generously sized and suitable for users with large hands. It is a neat basic configuration with 6 buttons at an affordable price of 39,900 won. LEDs are placed on the front, side and back edges of the mouse, as well as the logo.

The length of the reporter’s hand is about 20cm, which is on the very long side, and when I held it with the reporter’s claw grip, it felt just right. The shape and grip of shells is one of the most important elements for mouse enthusiasts. Mecha ZM2 has a high back for use as a palm grip, and when held with a claw grip, it supports the wrist and palm firmly, so the overall grip is excellent.

Although I used it for a long time during the closing of the article, there was little cause of sweating or greasy, and the location of the side button was also satisfactory. Actual body weight is 88g, which is light for its size. With the soft paracord cable, the resistance of the line is barely felt.

An LED is placed on the logo symbolizing the ‘Mecca’ line, and it shows the current DPI setting in colour.
Design with a combination of white and black with a high-tech concept. The slope of the back of the mouse is high, so it is a shell suitable for a “claw grip”.
It is a basic configuration with 6 buttons including left and right buttons, wheel, DPI button, and front and back buttons.
A wheel reminiscent of a car tire. By ensuring a sense of minimal difference, the wheel can be rolled very lightly.

Yes 20 million switch, clear clicking feeling

In addition, a Huano switch with a lifespan of 20 million cycles was used. In the case of click pressure, it was slightly stronger than the often used Omron switch, and weaker than some optical switches with very strong click pressure.

The click sound is clearly audible with a popping sensation. It’s not suitable for users who prefer a quiet mouse, but it’s a click sound that can satisfy users who want to feel solid feedback from a keyboard or mouse.

PAW3370 sensor with 7-step control up to 19,000 DPI

It supports up to 19,000 DPI with the PAW3370 sensor, and it is possible to set the DPI in 7 steps from 800 to 19,000 with the DPI control button without software. The LED on the logo, like the mouse, is set to display the current DPI in seven colors. For example, the lowest DPI (800) is displayed in red, the highest DPI (19,000) is displayed in white, and the 3,200 DPI the reporter is using is displayed in yellow.

Of course, if you use dedicated software, you can set functions such as detailed DPI settings, key mapping, and macros, and you can also control LED lights. The LED applied to the logo part evokes a sense of sci-fi and advanced technology, and the ‘gaming’ sensibility was fully felt from the LED that looks like a grill on the front of the mouse.

You can fine-tune the DPI step by step in the exclusive software, and provide all the extended functions of the mouse software, such as key mapping and macros.


Micronics Mecca ZM2 is a wired mouse that provides PAW3370 sensor, paracord cable, and software controllable LED at an affordable price and has excellent cost performance. It seems to indicate the existence of Micronics Design Center as a shell that is perfect for users with large hands. If you’re looking for gaming gear with a sci-fi feel, the Micronics Mecha ZM2 would be a good choice.

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