Takehiro Tomiyasu also participated in the general practice! OB Tomoaki Makino and others visit the Japanese national football team preparing for the first game of the World Cup | Japan

[Newyddion ar Dîm Pêl-droed Cenedlaethol Japan]On November 23, the Japanese national team will face Germany in their first match at the Qatar World Cup (World Cup).

The Japanese players, who had been making individual adjustments for the first match against Germany in the Qatar World Cup (World Cup), are gradually joining.[Cyfweliad a thestun gan Ryohei Hayashi]

■ Only Morita has a different menu

(C) Kenichi Arai

The team entered the final adjustment for the first game against Germany.

On the 19th, with four days left until the match against Germany, Japan held a training session in Doha. Before practice, all players, including injured players, put on uniform and go to shoot. On this day, former Japanese representatives Takashi Fukunishi, Hisato Sato, Yoshito Okubo, and Tomoaki Makino, who were in the field as commentators, visited the training coverage and were seen communicating with coach Hajime Moriyasu and the players.

In the first 15 minutes of practice that has been released, it appears after running, sweating with agility, spinning a ball, long kicks, etc., followed by tactical practice using dummy dolls placed on the field.

Only Hidemasa Morita adjusts the injured person with a separate menu. Kaoru Mitoma and Wataru Endo, who had not participated in the general practice until now, joined the training for the revealed part. In addition, Takehiro Tomiyasu, who did not take part in the match against Canada, is also taking part in the training.

Aoi Tanaka, who came back from injury in the match against Canada, insisted, “I think the problem of physical strength is a little better after the match against Canada, and I think the feeling part will improve gradually. ” The condition of the returning players is also improving.

As a team, we will add tactical training 4 days ago, and we will hold closed practice earlier than expected. Yuto Nagatomo said, “There was a loss against Canada, but on the contrary, the tension increased, and I think it’s a good atmosphere for me. The World Cup I feel is finally here.” The whole team seems to have switched to production mode.


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