Taking a stand on Human Rights Crimes; Denmark will arrive in faded Danish football team | manorama news | spores | Sports News Protest

The Danish football team raised its voice on human rights violations in Qatar. Christian Eriksen and his team will wear faded shirts at the Qatar World Cup. The team also released a black shirt as a mark of respect for the migrant workers who died during World Cup preparations

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Denmark is a shirt with white and red colors. But at the World Cup in Qatar, Denmark will wear a different shirt to the traditional colour. The Danish team will wear a faded red shirt and a black shirt named after the color of mourning. There is no logo or team name to be seen on the shirt. Hummel, the sportswear manufacturer who made the shirts, says they don’t want to see their name on the place where thousands of workers have died. It is estimated that around 1200 migrant workers died in Qatar in connection with the construction of the stadium. Supporting the Danish team should not be seen as supporting a tournament that costs thousands of lives, Hummel said. The German and Norwegian teams also responded publicly against the human rights violations in Qatar.

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