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Taking care of Somchit’s side, worried about his wife suffering from autoimmune diseases.

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Unbelievable that the wife of “Somchit Jongjohor” would have been so severely ill that he ordered the loss of his husband because he was illSLE or autoimmune disease (Pumpkin’s disease) It also revealed that the son “Fist Brother” A child with ADHD since the age of 10 and has a brain that is 5 years slower than the real age via the show. “Somchit” and wife “Um Sasithorn” Answered all questions

P’ Somchit just found out about his wife’s illness?

Somchit : “Yes, I have to tell him. Because what happened was a malfunction of his own body during his time.”

um : “It is an autoimmune disease that destroys one’s immune system. The first time it happened was that there was a lump in my throat that got bigger. We went to see the doctor. The doctor was afraid of getting cancer, so he drilled the water on his neck to check for cancer, but couldn’t find it. The doctor found another one.”

Were you by your side then?

Somchit : “Stay, stay at home when he’s sick. He still joked that his chin was beautiful, how to sell it? He said that he didn’t sell it, kept it for himself, and then took him to the doctor. At 3 am, he got up and had a pain like a person twisted his bone. We couldn’t imagine how much pain he had. But know that if this woman talks about pain, it’s very heavy. We had to get up and get the balm to massage. We had to talk to each other and console each other continuously. At that time, it was 3 am until the morning, I couldn’t sleep. I was in pain and cried.”

How many years have you been? Um : “Actually, it’s since April. just a few months But serious treatment just started this 3-4 months.”

After detecting Phuang Phuang disease, there were more complications. What else did you find then?

Um : “The doctor was afraid that it will be SLE down the kidney because we have a lot of swelling, swelling is abnormal, so the doctor takes a kidney biopsy to check if we have a kidney or not. Because the blood draw results are not 100 hundred percent. So the doctor wanted to take a biopsy of our kidneys for examination. Two pieces of kidney puncture were taken and the results came out still not in the kidneys, so good luck.”

Somchit : “If you go to the kidneys as they say, acute renal failure it can die But when we can’t find it, we’re a bit happy. But in the end, it must be treated seriously.”

side by side care

How are your symptoms today?

Um : “It’s getting better and better now, about 80-90 percent.”

Somchit : “The doctor forbids you to meet with a lot of people. because of the weak mountain Since leaving the hospital, this was the first show I brought him. because I am confident that his health will improve everything is better So I came with the page together this time.”

As for the son, he is 20 years old, but his brain develops 5 years slower than normal, which Somchit said that he has been observing the child’s symptoms since the age of 3, so he knows that the child’s brain is slow. But all family members are ready to fight. more covid like this “Somchit” Said that it’s bad too, affecting the income quite a bit. However, Kom Chad Luek Entertainment would like to cheer up.side by side care

side by side care

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