Taking the urge from “Electric Rider” again, “CyberFuck 2069” adult 3D shooting game appears on Steam | 4 Gamers

When “Cyberpunk 2077” (Cyberpunk 2077) was launched in 2020, the adult game “Cyber ​​​​Crush 2069” appeared on Steam with a very similar name. “After the movie and the drama started the topic, another new adult game appeared on the recommendation board of the store page, “CyberFuck 2069”.

Although “CyberFuck 2069”, which belongs to the low-priced Xiaohuangyou, is an adult game with unpredictable quality, its 3D modeling has the support of some players who like it. The gameplay is a third-person shooter, and the player acts as a cute character to shuttle in the locations On the magical cyberpunk streets, defeat enemies to pick up weapons or healing packs, and deal with waves of drones and boss battles.




Of course, the gentlemen look at the color map. The gallery in the game only provides dynamic CGs 7. Players must play the shooting level to unlock these pictures slowly.

While modeling may appeal to some respectable gentlemen, these are GIF-like images that can be replayed without any additional interaction or close-up elements, so the benefits are somewhat limited.




At the time when “Edgewalker” became an Internet trend, “CyberFuck 2069” is very likely to be a little yellow game made by grabbing the keyword craze, so the quality cannot be expected too much, gentlemen, think twice before buying .

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