Takizawa Hideaki Criticizes Media Distortion and Online Abuse Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Takizawa Hideaki Criticizes Japanese Media Reports on Sexual Assault Allegations

Tokyo, 24th – In the midst of the ongoing controversy surrounding sexual assault allegations against figures associated with the Johnny’s entertainment agency, Takizawa Hideaki, former member and founder of TOBE agency, finds himself embroiled in the issue. Accused by Jun Hiramoto of sexual misconduct, Takizawa vehemently denies the allegations, criticizing the media for distorting the timeline and spreading misinformation.

The 41-year-old Takizawa, who had started his own venture after leaving Johnny’s, faces accusations from Hiramoto, a member of the Johnny Sexual Assault Victims Association, who claims to have received messages from other victims. These accounts depict instances of Takizawa forcefully kissing trainees and engaging in inappropriate behavior, including allegations of being licked by him.

Responding through his lawyer, Takizawa strongly refutes these claims, stating that there is no factual basis to support such accusations. He expresses concerns over the potential damage these false allegations may cause to the reputation and credibility of both himself and his company.

In an effort to defend his reputation and that of his company, Takizawa took a significant step by posting an explanation on his official platform, addressing the issue at hand and highlighting the importance of accurate and responsible reporting. Particularly, he emphasized the need for media outlets to refrain from publishing information that is inconsistent with the verified facts.

Takizawa Hideaki expressed anger over Japanese media reports that he had forcibly kissed a trainee, criticizing online abuse as tantamount to violence. (Taken from Wangluo)

(Tokyo, 24th) The controversy over Johnny’s sexual assault case continues to spread. The new president Noriyuki Higashiyama was also accused of sexual harassment. Hideaki Takizawa, who started his own business after leaving Johnny’s, was accused by Jun Hiramoto earlier. There are victims. It was revealed to him “I was licked by Mr. Takizawa.” Although Takizawa Hideaki responded that “there is no factual basis!”, he issued a statement yesterday severely criticizing the media for distorting the timeline and reporting incorrect facts.

41-year-old Hideaki Takizawa founded the TOBE agency, but was still embroiled in the Johnny Johnny sexual harassment scandal. According to reports, Jun Hiramoto is also a member of the Johnny Sexual Assault Victims Association. He revealed that he receives messages from victims, including complaints about Hideaki Takizawa forcing others to kiss, “being licked by Mr. Takizawa”, ” was licked by Mr. Takizawa” Ze forced to kiss” and other messages. Takizawa Hideaki later responded through his lawyer: “There is no factual basis. Such content will clearly damage the reputation and credibility of our company and Takizawa.”

In order to protect the reputation of the company and himself, Hideaki Takizawa made a big move yesterday and posted an explanation on , especially for children’s education. I hope they will not publish information inconsistent with the facts in the future.

Takizawa Hideaki issued a statement saying that earlier reports contained too many timeline distortions and hoped that the media would not publish information inconsistent with the facts in the future. (taken from X)
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