Takumi Kanaya “Confidence is Confident” Third professional game after Matsuyama V-Domestic Men’s Golf: Nikkan Sports


◇ Last day ◇ 22nd ◇ Miyazaki / Phoenix CC (7042 yards, par 71) ◇ Total prize money 100 million yen (winner 20 million yen) ◇ No spectators held

Takumi Kanaya (22 = Tohoku Fukushi Univ.) Won his first professional victory and won his second tour since Sumitomo Mitsui Visa Taiheiyo Masters, who won in November last year when he was an amateur.

He turned 69 with 3 birdies and 1 bogey, and lined up with Tomohiro Ishizaka with a total of 13 unders and 271. With the current tour system, he won the first-ever playoff between rookies and college students over an hour in the fourth hole. After turning professional on October 2, this year, he won the third domestic tour, the second fastest after Hideki Matsuyama’s second, and the champion of this tournament is the youngest Japanese to surpass Matsuyama. The new signboard for Japanese men was powerful, saying, “Confidence is turning into conviction.”

   ◇   ◇   ◇

Kanaya pushed his hands up after deciding a birdie putt of only 30 cm. The playoffs that lasted more than an hour were settled on the fourth hole. “(Guts pose) came out quickly because it was a great match.” I turned around from my usual calm play and looked back on the moment of the joy explosion. Since August of last year, he has maintained the number one position in the amateur world. In September of this year, he was the first Japanese to win the Mark H. McCormack medal, the world’s number one amateur title. After turning professional, he has been 7th and 5th in the last two races in Japan. “I was worried whether I could turn professional and pass. I gradually gained confidence and won the third race. Confidence is turning into conviction.” I spilled a smile.

He came out of 3rd place with a one-stroke difference, and at the end of the first half, he was widened to Ishizaka by two strokes. Still, in the final stage, 15th and 16th consecutive birdies. No. 16 screwed in 5 meters from the green edge with a putter and applied heavy pressure to invite Ishizaka’s bogey to catch up. The playoffs also go up and down. “We were able to play well with each other by working hard together.” It made me feel a new era for Japanese boys.

After his senior at university, Matsuyama, he won the third professional race. At the same time, he won the youngest Japanese championship over Matsuyama. “I’m happy to win the same match as my respected senior,” he said. He once set his future goal as “becoming a player who seems to be a rival to Matsuyama.” He learned the importance of approach with three majors in the amateur era, and increased one wedge from 14 clubs. In order to become a rival, he is already aware of the battle on the same stage as Matsuyama, the US tour.

Currently, girls are very popular, but she says, “I just play hard and do my best.” The prize money rank that will compete until the end of next year has risen to 3rd place, and the second rookie season prize money king after Matsuyama is also in sight. In the future, we are looking to participate in the US tour, but if the feats overlap with the fierce battle like this day, the attention of boys will surely increase.[Fumio Takada]

◆ Takumi Kanaya Born in Hiroshima Prefecture on May 23, 1998 (Heisei 10). Started playing golf at the age of five. In 2015, he was the youngest player in history to win the Japanese amateur championship at 17 years and 51 days. In the same year, the Japan Open was 11th, the youngest in history to win the low amateur. Last year, he maintained the number one position in the amateur world ranking from August, and won the tour for the fourth amateur at the Sumitomo Mitsui Visa Taiheiyo Masters in November. Turned professional on October 2, this year. 172 cm, 75 kg.

◆ Kanaya’s first professional victory After turning professional, the third domestic tour victory was the second in Japan after Hideki Matsuyama’s second since the Japan Golf Tour Organization (JGTO) was established in 1999. Fast (Cho Byung-min, who has participated in the Korean Tour as a professional since 2009, won the fastest victory in the first race of the Japan Tour registration in 2016). Kanaya, who won the 47th tournament at 22 years, 5 months and 30 days, is the youngest Japanese to win the championship (Spanish Seve in 1977), renewing Hideki Matsuyama’s 22 years, 8 months and 29 days, who won the 14-year tournament.・ Ballesteros’s 20 years, 7 months and 18 days is the youngest). It is also the first time that a rookie and a college student have two names in the playoffs. The fourth hole in the playoffs has been a year and a half since Tomoharu Otsuki defeated Rikuya Hoshino in the fourth hole at the Kansai Open in May last year.

The tee shot on both the first hole is the left bunker, and the second shot is the fairway. Almost the same up to the position of the ball. Kanaya made the third shot to the rough on the left side of the green. Ishizaka moved 3 meters to the pin, but removed the birdie putt and pared each other.

In both holes, the second shot from the fairway was hit by Kanaya against a tree and rough, and Ishizaka went to the bunker in front of the green. Kanaya’s third shot passed over the cup and was perfect. Ishizaka decided the putt that remained 4 meters and both were birdies.

In the 3rd hole tee shot, Kanaya is on the right and Ishizaka is on the left. When Kanaya hit 3 meters in the third shot, Ishizaka turned back less than 1 meter and robbed each other of birdies.

Kanaya puts the tee shot on the 4th hole on the fairway, and Ishizaka puts it in the forest on the right. Ishizaka’s third shot, which only hit the second shot, and Kanaya’s second shot are rough and similar positions beyond the green. Both approached from there, 1 putt. Birdie Kanaya won the championship.

▼ 1W = PING G410 Plus (Shaft = UST Mamiya Attas, Hardness 7S, Loft 9 degrees, Length 45.25 inches) ▼ 3W = G410LST Fairway Wood (14.5 degrees) ▼ 3UT = G410 Hybrid (14.5 degrees) 19 degrees) ▼ Iron = 5I = G710 (21.5 degrees), 5I ~ PW = i210 ▼ Wedge = Glide Forged (52, 58, 60 degrees) ▼ Putter = SIGMA2 ARNA ▼ Ball = Bridgestone Tour BX

▽ Otsuki who came out of the top tie and finished in 3rd place I was able to extend two in the first half and it was a very good feeling, but the flow was not good from the bogey of the 12th in the second half. I want to practice thinking that I didn’t have the ability to win yet.

▽ Inamori (No. 18) who is in 3rd place with No. 18 as a bogey while lining up to No. 17 in the lead, I thought that (Kanaya or Ishizaka in the back group) would go to 14 under, so the one who attacked will be the birdie I thought it was easy to take … I hit a tree. It may be the result of the attack.



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