Takuya Kimura reports the death of his dog in “Four Family” “Spicy is proof of love” “Love you forever”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On January 24, 2022, four members of the talent and actor Takuya Kimura reported on their Instagram that their dog “Bab” had died.

  • Kimura’s second daughter, Koki,

  • From Takuya Kimura's Instagram (@ takuya.kimura_tak)

    From Takuya Kimura’s Instagram (@ takuya.kimura_tak)

  • From Shizuka Kudo's Instagram (@kudo_shizuka)

    From Shizuka Kudo’s Instagram (@kudo_shizuka)

  • From Cocomi's Instagram (@ Cocomi_553_official)

    From Cocomi’s Instagram (@ Cocomi_553_official)

  • From Koki,'s Instagram (@koki)

    From Koki,’s Instagram (@koki)

“Thanks to Bab for leaving a lot of memories!”

On the 24th, Mr. Kimura added a photo of a long cream-colored dog “Bab” lying down on a white floor.

“This morning, after 5:30, my elder” Bab “went to heaven … Thank you to Bab for leaving a lot of memories! Rest in peace …”


Kimura’s wife and singer Shizuka Kudo also spelled out the farewell to “Bab” with three photos on the same day. It is said that the whole family saw off.

“Bab-sama, Bab-chan, who was introduced to everyone, went up to heaven while being held in his arms while listening to our voice,’Bab-chan, Bab-chan’, while being watched by the whole family. I’m sad, but I was able to see you off really well. “

He recalled that “Bab” was an irreplaceable existence for the Kimura family.

“It supported the children when they were young and healed us for a long time. Farewell is too painful, but I always think that pain is a sign of love. Fighting illness What? I’m just grateful to Bab-chan, who has had many surgeries and worked hard to stay alive. “

The third photo posted shows a “bab” who looks like he’s laughing, squinting his eyes and showing his white teeth. Mr. Kudo also seems to be a favorite photo, and he was thinking about the appearance of his dog during his lifetime.

“The third bab is … I love you.”

「Thank you Babu Love you.」

Cocomi, the eldest daughter and fashion model and flutist, missed the farewell to “Bab” on Instagram Stories.

Cocomi in an orange-striped hoodie hugs “Bab” and smiles with the words “Thank you Babu Love you.” On her fluffy face and “Kawa” on her fluffy face. “Chii ,,” is added.

The second daughter, Koki, who is also a fashion model, also updated the stories. The words “Love you forever” were added to the photo of “Bab” with its impressive fluffy coat.

The following comment is posted on SNS in the post of the family who said goodbye to “Bab”.

“Bab-sama … I wonder if he left with warm love while being watched by everyone. Thank you for showing me a lot of charming Bab-sama.”
“Bab went to heaven … I had a warm family stroke me until the very last moment … I think he left with peace of mind. Thank you for all the memories.”
“Bab-chan, you’ve been to heaven. Thank you for healing your family. Thank you so much for your hard work and longevity.”



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