‘Tal Lineage’ successful TL, the fun of co-op content is ‘unknown’

Correspondent Choi Woo-young of Money Today | 2023.05.31 06:30

[체험기]Throne & Liberty, a new game released in the second half of NCsoft, beta test

The screen that naturally starts as you enter the first town after the TL tutorial. /Photo = TL beta test capture

The appearance of the new TL (Throne and Liberty) was revealed, for which NCsoft founder Kim Taek-jin did not hide his expectations. On May 24-30, the actual content of the game was revealed to users through beta testing. Being an ambitious new work from NC, which has not been able to surpass ‘Lineage’ for over 20 years, it seems to have largely managed to escape the formula of Lineage’s worldview and gameplay. However, in order for TL to show its unique color and attract global users, the general opinion is that the content of cooperative content unique to MMORPG (Multiple Entry Role Playing Games) needs to be looked at after the official launch of the service.

Graphics, music and story are ‘passing marks’

The graphics and BGM (background music), which are secondary elements of the game but hinder immersion when the completion level is low, were relatively stable. Several battlegrounds were included in the map released in the beta test, but there was no screen break when moving between battlegrounds. The BGM was also maintained at a moderate level that didn’t interfere with immersion from login to playing field.

In particular, a smooth connection was maintained even when playing using ‘Purple’, a cross-play simulator between PC and mobile, which is a feature of NC games. Given that it was difficult to operate the mouse differently than running the game on a PC, non-PC buttons only appeared separately on the purple screen.

At the bottom right of the purple driven TL screen, there is a quick button that was not on the PC screen. / photo TL capture beta test

Unlike Lineage, which is based on the manga of the same name, one of the main tasks of TL was to create a new story from start to finish. This also progressed to a level that could be easily understood, from the main quest to the sub-quests that appeared in between. However, after the official service, when cooperative quests appear as the main content, the story is expected to be relatively less important.

‘Advanced’ business models can be seen everywhere

The initial map of TL was released during the beta test period. /Photo = TL beta test capture

Users familiar with Lineage were most concerned about the BM (business model). Basic TL equipment items were simple with 6 slots (helmet, cloak, gloves, armor, pants, boots) and accessories in 5 slots (bracelet, necklace, belt, 2 rings). However, this can create a new socket at any time, increasing the BM. In the case of character transformation, the appearance when moving was divided into land, water and air. Instead, you can only set growth direction with stats (ability values) without class difference. TL introduced the ‘pass’, introduced by Lineage W and others after a significant period of time, from the beta test. Passes are further divided into season tickets and growth diary tickets. A doll called Amitoy also has the potential to develop into a BM in the future. The collection of items, one of the BM extras of the Lineage series, also appeared in TL under the name ‘rubbing book’. An equipment reinforcement system was also included.

Choi Moon-young, general director of TL, said, “The business model shown in this test is not complete, and we reveal the version prepared so far in the process of reviewing various improvements within the development team .” Based on this, we will show you the finished image through an official service, but we want to make it clear that none of the products we have prepared so far have been hidden’ n deliberate.”

In addition, PD Choi added, “The will of the development team is to configure the business model in a form that users in the global market can understand from the point of view of preparing for global service.”

The most important collaborative content, difficult to discover only through beta testing

The siege scene in the TL trailer video. /Picture = Captured from YouTube NCSOFT

In the case of the cooperative content that MMORPG users look forward to the most, there was a limitation to understand only one week, which is the beta test period. There was also competition between guilds or individuals during limited raids by commanders or hunting events, but it was difficult to find a difference to other games. Additionally, since the leveling limit was set to ’30 levels’ during the trial period, competition due to level differences or item differences was not apparent. In fact, there is a large-scale siege in which characters and NPCs (non-user characters) participate among cooperative content such as trailer videos released by the TL development team, but they were not implemented in this test. Among the cooperative content introduced, there was a ‘Memorial System’ where the entire server cooperates to open world content, but this was also a disappointing part to see as TL’s own color.

An official from NCsoft said, “In this test, the limit was up to level 30, but the content that can be enjoyed by growing the character further will be available during the official service.” You can enjoy the content.”

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