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‘ Talent ‘ ended the volunteer activities, giving rice and water to Sai Noi Hospital

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‘ Talent ‘ ended the volunteer activities, giving rice and water to Sai Noi Hospital

“Khon Lek” Pornpramuk, former Thai world champion, along with his team brought some of the remaining drinking water to the representatives of Sai Noi Hospital, Sai Noi District, Nonthaburi Province on 21 July to continue the project. “Thai World Champion Hero” led by Khao Sai Galaxy, the president of the Tsuchiya, completed the last day of the mission. at the field hospital Supachalasai Stadium on July 19th

Mr. Montree Weeraprawat, former president of the Sports Photographer Association of Thailand One of those who supported the event said, “I’m really touched. with working to help the society of medical personnel of various hospitals of the Thai World Champion Heroes Club under the leadership of Public World Champion “Khao Sai Galaxy” and his wife Khun Nueng (Wannapha Khambunsri) who worked tirelessly for 2 full months, including many former world champions. who come to help with sincerity.”

“Khao Sai and his wife have sacrificed Have to risk going into many different hospitals every day. kind to others hard to do which I have been in close contact with one day on May 25 He also participated in giving at Bhumibol Hospital by Khao Sai driving to pick him up at home. Therefore, the details of this work are known enough.”

“The important person that must not be forgotten is Khun Naris Singwangcha, the chairman of the Singwangcha Fund. Has given money to help for food and other things more than 100,000 baht, including Khun Niwat Laosuwanwat, promoter and best manager of the WBA 1990-1991, did not stand still. Bring food to help countless times. and there are many others The name is not mentioned. In addition, many sports journalists We help spread the news every day, making it known to many parties, both the public and private sectors.”

“Now, the important event to help society of the Thai World Champion Heroes Club. It was successfully completed on 19 Last July, a total period of 2 full months. May the results of the good deeds of the club Help everyone to have good health. healthy body Free from covid and all diseases There was money flowing in. Safe travels everywhere and longevity,” said the former president of the Association of Sports Photographers.

Talent said, “Me too, good activities that are valuable to society, both physically and mentally, are pure kindness. Thank you Heianris. Hey even. Brother Ra. Khun Nueng. And every part is involved in good activities in the time of asking for blessings from the sacred things for you and your family to continue to be happy and prosperous.”

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