Talented Under 15 State Girls Cricketer Shines in District Athletics Championship, Winning 3 Medals Including Gold

Kunnamkulam Athlete Shines in District Athletics Championship

Keerthy Damodaran’s Remarkable Performance Earns 3 Medals, Including Gold

Kunnamkulam – Keerthy Damodaran, a talented young athlete from Kunnamkulam, left spectators in awe with her exceptional performance in the recently concluded district athletics championship. Despite being primarily known as an under 15 state girls cricketer, Keerthy showcased her versatility by clinching three medals, including a gold, in various track and field events.

Hailing from Vadakancherry, Keerthy demonstrated her prowess in multiple disciplines, securing the top position in javelin throw and securing a silver in both hexathlon and medley relay. Her outstanding all-round performance has brought her much-deserved recognition in the sporting community.

This remarkable talent was initially discovered by NJ Vijo, a diligent coach at Vadakancherry Sports Grid Academy. Vijo, responsible for sports training at Vadakanchery Boys School ground, noticed Keerthy’s immense potential during her cricket training sessions. While training for cricket, Vijo also nurtured her aptitude for athletics, which eventually paid off in the recent championship.

Despite receiving just two months of training, Keerthy managed to impress the audience with a remarkable javelin throw of 23.57 meters. Keerthy, along with her coach Vijo, firmly believes that with more training and guidance, she can perform exceptionally well in the upcoming state meet.

Keerthy’s ultimate aspiration is to represent the Indian women’s cricket team, and her resolute determination paired with her remarkable achievements make her a true prospect for achieving this dream.

Record-Breaking Performances in the District Athletics Championship

  • R. Devang from Kunnamkulam Sports Department set a new record in the U-14 Boys 600m Race.
  • MP Tejas Kiran from Kodungallur Sports Academy amazed the crowd with his exceptional performance in Boys U14 Javelin Throw.
  • VMAswathi, a talented athlete from Thrissur Antos Athletics Academy, left everyone awestruck by setting a new record in Girls Under 16 80m Hurdles.
  • Gio Isaac Sebastian from Kunnamkulam Sports Department showcased his sheer speed and agility in the U16 Boys 300m Race.
  • KA Muhammad Anshief from Azmabi College Thrissur MES displayed great perseverance and stamina to secure a record-breaking win in the Under 16 Boys 5000m Walk.
  • Christo Jobi from Natika Fisheries School stunned the spectators with his impeccable performance in the Boys U-16 80m Hurdles.
  • TJ Jamsheela from Erumapetty Govt. Secondary School showcased her excellence by winning the Senior Women’s 400m Race.
  • PA Atulya from Thrissur Antos Athletics Academy set a new benchmark in Senior Women’s Shot Put.
  • PK Sherin from Iringalakuda Christ College displayed exemplary endurance and speed in the Senior Men 800m event.

Kunnamkulam ∙ Under 15 state girls cricketer who came to try athletics won 3 medals including gold in the district athletics championship. Keerthy Damodaran, a native of Vadakancherry, gave an all-round performance by winning gold in javelin and silver in hexathlon and medley relay.

Last year Keerthy made it to the state cricket team as an all-rounder. Keerthy’s talent was discovered by NJ Vijo, a coach at Vadakancherry Sports Grid Academy. As part of cricket training, Vijoy is responsible for the sports training held at the Vadakanchery Boys School ground.

Along with the training there, training was also given to take part in the athletics meeting. Received only 2 months of training. Keerthy threw 23.57 meters in the javelin, and Keerthy and Vijo believe that if they get more training, they can perform even better in the state meet. Kirti’s dream is to make it to the Indian women’s cricket team.

Meeting records set yesterday in the District Athletics Championship

∙R. Devang, U-14 Boys 600m Race, Kunnamkulam Sports Department
∙MP Tejas Kiran, Boys U14 Javelin Throw, Kodungallur Sports Academy
∙VMAswathi, Girls Under 16 80m Huddles, Thrissur Antos Athletics Academy
∙Gio Isaac Sebastian, U16 Boys 300m Race, Kunnamkulam Sports Department
∙KA Muhammad Anshief, Under 16 Boys 5000m Walk, Azmabi College Thrissur MES
∙Christo Jobi, Boys U-16 80m Huddles, Natika Fisheries School
∙TJJamsheela, Senior Women’s 400m Race, Erumapetty Govt. secondary school
∙PA Atulya, Senior Woman Shot Put, Thrissur Antos Athletics Academy
PK Sherin, Senior Men 800m, Iringalakuda Christ College

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