Taliban kills Afghan women’s volleyball player Taliban

Kabul: The Taliban have beheaded Mehjabin Hakimi, a member of the Afghan national junior women’s volleyball team. Earlier this month, the coach himself revealed that the girl had been killed. The family of the actor was threatened not to divulge this information. A few days ago, a picture of Mehjab’s severed head and blood clotted neck was circulating on social media.

Only two members of the volleyball team were able to leave the country before the Taliban came to power. The coach said the rest were in hiding. The Taliban are thought to have been provoked by the players’ participation in domestic and foreign tournaments and TV appearances.

Mehjabin was a member of the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club during the Ashraf Ghani government. The Afghan National Women’s Volleyball Team was formed in 1978. When the Taliban came to power for the second time last August, it banned women in most areas, including sports and politics.

English Summary: Afghanistan volleyball player Mahjubin Hakimi killed by Taliban



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