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Taliban responds with violence to women protesting “guarantee human rights”

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Tear gas and terror bombs were fired, fear of forced dissolution rises fear of returning to rule

A procession of women marches past the Afghan capital of Kabul on the 3rd, demanding that armed Taliban fighters be guaranteed the right to education and employment. Local media reported that the Taliban used tear gas and blank bombs to disperse the protesters. Kabul | AFP Yonhap News

The Taliban are revealing their true colors. In Afghanistan, the Taliban responded with violence by firing tear gas and warning shots at women who took part in protests demanding human rights guarantees. There are growing concerns that the promise will be empty words, although it has promised to change from the past when the Taliban suppressed women’s rights.

Local media Tolonews reported that the Taliban fired tear gas and blank bombs in Kabul, the Afghan capital, to disperse female protesters. In a video released by Tolonews, Taliban fighters with guns disperse women on the street. In the process, it was reported that women were assaulted by Taliban gang members. “The Taliban hit the woman in the head and the women were covered in blood,” Soraya, who took part in the protest, told Reuters. There were no footage of the Taliban shooting or assaulting them, but some posts showed the face of a woman with injuries.

Afghan women’s protests began in western Herat on the 2nd. About 50 women took to the streets and held banners and signs. Some showed their faces without a burqa, while others wore sunglasses. Protests continued in the capital, Kabul. From the 3rd, women began protesting near the presidential palace, demanding education, job opportunities and freedom.

“We are all together. We will break oppression,” “a country without women is like a place without a language” and “guarantee women equal rights with men” and chanted slogans such as “Freedom is our credo” . Instead of a burqa that covered their whole body, they wore a hijab around their head. The Associated Press reported that a Taliban member was angry and rushed to protesters watching the protesters.

The women’s protests arose out of fears that the Taliban’s past oppression of women during their reign (1996-2001) would be repeated. At that time, education for women was banned, and opportunities to work were deprived. They could not go out without a full-body burqa, and forced marriages with Taliban members were widespread.

The Taliban, which took control of Kabul on the 15th of last month, said women could participate in politics but would not be able to rise to ministerial posts. Contrary to the Taliban leadership’s pledge to “respect women’s human rights,” the Taliban operatives on the scene heralded a dark age for women’s rights, shooting and killing women who went out without burqas and blackening the faces of women on billboards. .


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