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Taliban to pay civil servants delayed for three months

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The Taliban, an Islamic militant group that has taken over Afghanistan, has promised three months’ worth of wages to civil servants as the economic crisis escalates.

According to Deutsche Wele (DW) and AFP news agency on the 20th (local time), Ahmad Wali Hakmal, spokesman for the Taliban’s Ministry of Finance, said at a press conference on the 20th (local time), “We will start paying salaries from today. ” he said.

Since August of this year, some banks in Afghanistan have collapsed, branches have reduced their withdrawals, and people have found it difficult to access even if they have money in the bank.

The Taliban said it would pay salaries through the national banking system. But it’s still unclear whether the funds will be delivered to those who need them, DW noted. Enamula Sasagani, a member of the Taliban Cultural Committee, said on the same day that the Taliban’s sources of income have increased recently.

He claimed that in the last three months, 78 working days, the Taliban generated about 26.95 billion Afghani income.

Saenggani, citing the Ministry of Finance, said that pension payments to retired workers will resume soon.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in mid-August this year. He succeeded in taking power, but economic difficulties arose.

In particular, Afghanistan’s financial difficulties worsened when the United States froze Afghanistan’s central bank assets worth $9.5 billion and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank stopped supporting them.

The citizens of Afghanistan are forced to sell household necessities to obtain food and necessities.

Initially, wages for civil servants were stopped several months before the Taliban took power.


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