Talk to ‘NMIXX’, send full readiness Before coming to organize an exhibition in Thailand for the first time, NMIXX SHOWCASE TOUR BANGKOK

It’s only been more than a year. NMIXX women’s group of SQU4D new camp JYP Entertainment consists of 6 members LILY (Lily), HAEWON (Haewon), SULLYOON (Seol Yoon), BAE (Bae), JIWOO (Ji Woo) a Kyujin (Kyujin) Debut with an album “At Sea” Last February with popular singles “YES” In it all 6 girls grow up and gain love and attention within a short time.

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Before embarking on a showcase tour that starts on the other side of the world in 8 major cities across the US, including Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Washington DC a Brooklyn, New York Had a good response After passing the first stage, the women are about to travel to hold an exhibition in the Asian zone and Thailand is the first milestone for this round of exhibitions, this time. Corsairs I would like to bring everyone to a large set of hors d’oeuvres. Before getting ready to have fun with the girls together at the event NMIXX SHOWCASE TOUR BANGKOK Which will take place on Sunday, June 4, at Impact Exhibition Hall 5-6, Muang Thong Thani.

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This is your first time visiting Thailand.official In addition to the exhibition Is there any activity you would like to do in Thailand in particular?

Lily : I used to travel to Thailand on holiday when I was a child and I had a great time here. So I’m especially excited to be back here again! I remember eating really delicious fruit and I really wanted to go swimming!

Kyujin : I want to ride an elephant in Pattaya Elephant Village!

As well as the music production part Is there anything you would like to do or try in the future in the entertainment industry?

Hae Won: I want to try acting. And I also want to be a radio host.

B: I want to learn acting! I really love watching music videos. So I want to try playing in a stage play too! I have fond memories of singing to musicals. Although it seems quite challenging. But if I get that chance I’m happy to learn!

What concepts or story lines would you like to try in future albums?

Jiwoo: Recently, I have become interested in butterflies and flowers. Because there are many butterflies and flowers in spring and summer. So I want to try to sing a bright song that fits the mood of spring and summer.

Seol Yoon: I want to try the High Teen concept.

How do you feel about NMIXX getting a world show for the first time?

Lily: I have always wanted to go on a world tour and meet NSWERs from all over the world. So I’m super excited! I can’t wait to experience the different cultures of each place.

Hae Won: I’m so happy that we finally met fans who love and support us from afar. I want to show them our amazing performance.

Seol Yoon: I was very excited to meet many NSWERs while on a trip abroad. and have fun together on stage I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future.

BE: I am honored and excited to meet NSWERs from different nationalities! I am extremely grateful to the fans who love us and support us from afar, I hope we will have more opportunities like this to meet them often.

Jiwoo: I am so happy and excited to meet NSWERs from different nationalities, and I will try to create memorable and wonderful platforms for NSWERs who always love and support us.

Kyujin: I am happy to meet, enjoy, communicate, and share energy with NSWER from different cities around the world. And it was great to be able to experience the culture of a city I wanted to visit.

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If each member chose a song to describe their friend, which song would the member sit next to?

Lily: (Haewon) I think Haewon fits the song. The biggest! Because Haewon can bring out different concepts, be it diverse, bright or cool, this kind of music goes well with her.

Hae Won: (Seol Yoon) Choose My Gosh! Her beautiful appearance amazes me every time I see it.

Seol Yoon: (Bae) Pick a Cool song for Bae! I feel that this song shows off Bae’s vocals very well.

Bae: (Jiwoo) Young, Dumb, Stupid! When I first learned the choreography and tried it, I thought this song suited Jiwoo best. And this song also matches Ji Woo’s mood. It also reveals a playful side. and full of her energy. which gives a fun and youthful feeling. This song wouldn’t be complete without Ji Woo!

Jiwoo: (Kyujin) I also chose Young, Dumb, Stupid because Kyujin performed the chorus hip dance very well. And I think this song really stands out when Kyujin is in the middle.

Kyujin: (Lily) Choose Just Did it I think this song suits Lily’s confidence and sweetness very well.

If you could choose one song for NSWER, which song would you choose?

Hae Won: I want to give My Gosh as a gift to the fans because this song has a message that we want to tell NSWER through the lyrics.

Kyujin: My Gosh, because this is the first song for our fans.

Give me 3 words for this upcoming exhibition.

Lily: ‘love’ Yes, because there will be a lot of love exchange between NSWER and NMIXX , ‘energy’ As NSWER will definitely break out as much energy as we do on stage, and ‘fun’ we believe fans will have a fun time watching our exhibition.

Bay: ‘Connection’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Love’

Tell me 1 thing that NSWER must prepare before joining the exhibition.

Ji Woo: Endurance to reach the limit with NMIXX’s performance!!! Don’t forget to get enough rest. And have a good meal before coming to see our show, NMIXX!!

Seol Yoon: Plenty of energy!! Because we have to enjoy the stage. and let’s have fun together Having enough energy is very important.

If they each had a solo platform on future tours What kind of solo platform would you like to have?

Lily: I want to do things I want to do. Because I want to try different concepts, I like stage performances that catch the eye and are charismatic like a pop singer!

Seol Yoon: I want to sing a song that expresses my voice. and found a different charm that I had never shown before.

For those who don’t have a card Buy tickets now, there’s still time. Thaicketmawr Then go and be part of the women’s journey. NMIXX in their first Thai exhibition

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