Tallahassee Classic School commences development plans

By: Mariel Carbone | WCTV Eye Witness News
February 11, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – A new charter school in Tallahassee is taking forward development plans.

Tallahassee Classic School is sponsored by the Blairstone Road, just east of Paul Russell Road. With blueprints made, it is now working through the different approval stages with the city, including
Work with the Development Review Committee.

Both build a story on 13.5 acres of land and include a science laboratory, a music room and an art room. It is also proposed to build a range of socks and soccer areas on the grounds. And, a big car loop will be built for falling.

Adrienne Campbell, co-founder of Tallahassee Classic School, said the location of Blairstone was fit for their vision.

"You can go from Capital Circle. You can reasonably find a downtown at Blairstone and there are many exciting things going to the south of the town. So, he felt a good place to have a great school choice added to her, "she said.

Initial construction will be for one step, including the K-8 building. Later, it will be added to each other's degree, which will include space for high level grade levels. The classes are set to start
but the first semester will be run at a temporary location, and one phase construction is expected to be completed by 2020.

Campbell said that a couple of hundred students have already registered and registered. The second round of registration is now running, and a lottery will take place next week.


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