Talon Esports competes in the Valorant Pacific League as a Thai representative

Talon Esports Announces Surprise News After Becoming Thailand’s Representative Team To Qualify For Valorant Pacific League 2023 Tournament

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Talon Esports is known as an esports team that has built a reputation for competing in many games. And most recently, their Dota 2 team just won tickets to compete in The International or TI 11 in Singapore.

In addition to the recent success of the Red Hawk team has also announced official participation in the VALORANT Partnership Program It will represent Thailand along with 9 other teams from all over the Asia-Pacific region. Take part in next year’s 2023 Pacific League tournament. As for the line-up, players still have to wait to follow.

For Talon, the ESPORT team has a lot of talent in the game industry. Including FPS games as well, with experience working with famous Thai pro players such as Patiphan – Patiphan Chaiwong, who previously competed in Overwatch Contenders before moving into the VALORANT game industry, Talon is still a winning team that competes in the League of Legends Pacific Championship Series four times and has also participated in the Mid-Season Invitational as well as Worlds in 2020/2021 in the past Competing in the Arena of Valor (RoV) as two-time Thailand champion and champion in the Arena of Valor World Cup 2021 2021.

Participating in the VALORANT Partnership Program is another important step in the Talon team’s commitment to enabling players to show their full potential. and impress people in the Asia-Pacific region

Sean Zhang (Chun Yang), president of Talon, said: “Having been following the VCT (VALORANT Champions Tour) since the opening of the 2021 season, we see that in such a short period of time, no game has been able to capture the attention of players across a region Asia-Pacific. VALORANT, we are ready to be a platform for talented players in Thailand. to demonstrate potential and competence on regional and global levels Which has made VALORANT the great cultural phenomenon it is today.”

Stay tuned for more rider news and announcements next year. along with various activities to be held in Thailand this October, from Talon at talon.gg and on the following channels:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Talon_esports

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TalonEsportsTH

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/TalonEsportsTH

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/talonesports_th/

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