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Grand Sumo Tournament ▽ October Tournament Day 12 (22nd, Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo)

Tamawashi (Kataonami), the 3rd Higashi-Maegashira, was cut off by Wakamotoharu (Arashio), the 6th East Maegashira, resulting in his second defeat.

However, the 8th western front, Hokusho Fuji (octagon), is completely beaten by the change of Ozeki Takakeisho (Tokiwayama). He was defeated in a shot and retreated to 3 losses. Nishikifuji (Isegahama), the 10th Eastern Maegashira, was also pushed out by Shoen (Oitekaze), the same leader, and suffered a third defeat. Tamawashi is still the only peak.

Nishimaegashira 4th, Takayasu (Tagonoura) won the 3 loss match with Sekiwake and Wakatakakage (Arashio) by withdrawal, and remained in the winning lead.

Ozeki Masayo (Tokitsukaze) succumbed to the head throw of Sekiwake Toyohishoryu (Tatsunami) and it became his 10th loss.

The place to visit is Ozeki Mitakeumi, who has decided to descend into seki surveillance (Dewa Sea) knocked off Nishikigi (Isenoumi), the 4th Higashi-Maegashira, and ended their losing streak at 6.

With 2 losses, Tamawashi is at the top. With three losses, Shoen, Takayasu, Hokusofuji, and Nishikifuji of Hiramaku follow.

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