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Tamil Nadu guarantees relief: Minister Mullaperiyar Dam | Supreme Court

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Thiruvananthapuram: Water Resources Minister Roshi Augustine said that the stand of the monitoring committee to keep the water level in Mullaperiyar at 137 feet is a relief to Kerala. This decision gives double power to Kerala in the Supreme Court. The minister said the current crisis should not be seen as anyone’s fault and should stand united on the issue.

However, NK said that the performance of the Kerala representative in the oversight committee was not satisfactory. Premachandran blamed the MP. The oversight committee is under scrutiny. NK Premachandran said that the reason for the current crisis is Kerala’s delay in taking action. NK Premachandran also criticized that the case was weakened when the Chief Minister said that there was no unnecessary fear.

Tamil Nadu had earlier said that the water level in the Mullaperiyar dam could reach 138 feet by Saturday. Once that level is reached, water will flow out through the spillway shutters. The water will reach the Idukki Dam, which is over 90 per cent full. Kerala’s demand that maximum water be carried to Tamil Nadu and stored in Vaigai and Madurai was not accepted. The current water level is 137.60 feet.

Kerala Water Resources Additional Chief Secretary T.K. Jose asked. Tamil Nadu has argued that the water level could rise to 142 feet as per the Supreme Court ruling. However, following the floods of 2018, the Supreme Court had fixed the water level at 139 feet at the request of Kerala.

Kerala pointed out that the current situation is more worrying than it was then. Sandeep Saxena, Additional Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu Maintenance Department, said this was unacceptable and would be answered after discussions with top officials. It also agreed to set the water level at 138 feet by Saturday. However, the oversight committee said the water level should be maintained at 137 feet.

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The meeting was convened by the two states following a Supreme Court order directing the oversight committee to comment on the water level by today. Central Water Commission member and Mullaperiyar High Level Committee Chairman Gulshan Raj was also present.

English Summary: Water level will maintain at 137 ft in Mullaperiyar dam


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