Tan Jitpat Rud stops rumors of serious condition After sleeping in the ICU for 4 nights, tells about the cause of the injury

Tan Jitpat Rud stops rumors of serious condition After sleeping in the ICU for 4 nights, tells about the cause of the injury

At approximately 5:00 pm on April 1 Tan-Jitpat Kridakorn List of MPs As the deputy general secretary of the Democratic Party (PDP) posted a personal Instagram He revealed that he was ill and had to stay in the emergency room (ICU) for more than 4 days due to an injury sustained during jump training with hand in case everyone was worried But when the news came out, let me know that “Not serious” as reported.

It is detailed as follows: “First of all, Tan would like to start by thanking the main doctors of the Police Hospital, doctors, and ICU nurses who helped Tan to recover quickly. was able to walk on his own and successfully returned home after being in the ICU for 4 days

Tan apologized for not telling anyone about the injuries he sustained during his thrust training. in the Naresuan camp this time Because I’m afraid everyone will worry. But when the news came out, I let everyone know that the symptoms were not as serious as the news. But for the doctor’s comfort He wants us to stay in the ICU to take care of the symptoms to be confident before releasing them home.

I would like to use this space to thank you for all the concern everyone has sent me. The teacher at Roi Rom, the SKY team, the medical team at the camp, the medical team at Bangkok Hua Hin Hospital brought Tan to the hospital. The police hospital is complete. to reduce symptoms from severity to mildness

Thank you for the encouragement from family, relatives, friends, PEk Chulalongkorn University students, party leaders, secretaries, brothers and sisters and friends of the Democratic Party who have sent me unceasing love and concern, and friends in the council (although We gave me encouragement to recover quickly and have energy to campaign and prepare for the next election from different parties, but we are the same people, right?) #Teacher folds the umbrella and waits. # See you at 12000 feet Don’t ask to be a star or a star because we are black stars.

Later, around 4:00 pm, Tan posted an Instagram story saying: Tan has already returned home. Come back to rest at home and on April 4, see you in Bangkok

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