Tanya is on the drama organizer podium Caring for actors on the set of “Don Ban Doi, Poi Ban Thung” (clip)

super bang Thanya Thanyares On the platform of the organizer of the drama, Red Label, the latest came today (May 30, 2023) to take care of the actors alone for the filming set of the drama “Don Ban Doi, Poi Ban Thung”, which will start on the first episode on June 10. this year on Thai Rath TV channel with an open mind to those media

“Being an organizer gives me a headache. We are usually actors in charge of our roles and we will hear many organizers complain about making plays. Oh let’s try it. And just like Thairath TV gave us the chance If you don’t try, you won’t fully know.

Many of our friends around us are organizers, and many of them say if you hate someone, go be an organizer. turns gray very quickly (laughs), we are afraid because we are threatened around us. When asked if there was a consultant, Boy-Peeraphon had a chat and spoke to Thairath TV channel about what he wanted and then casting actors. Fortunately, we have Pee Ju, our right hand, who we have met since we were young when we were playing about flared skirts. Came to help do everything, so I’m not shocked.”

he really became an organizer And is it like a friend threatening?

“Yes, we understand the mood of the organizers that they have to manage various budgets. In the past we didn’t understand. When we became an organizer ourselves, we understood that the budget for drama productions is not as big as it used to be today. We have to help each other save, but at the same time we want the actors to eat and live comfortably. When asked if he had a headache before it was a play, he had a script. in Khun Nick Jitsupa To be serious and serious, there are several rounds of revisions to make it the best. But after opening it, it worked and everything went smoothly.”

“It’s okay now, enjoy it.” What are your expectations of being an organiser?

“We didn’t expect much. We wanted it to be a play that we had made and succeeded. The audience liked it and the adults in the channel liked it. Viewers smile with her because this drama is a light drama. cute heroine All the actors are really full. The hot weather is in full swing. This story is a feel good drama. If fans think about Thairath TV, it would be a news story, but this time we are coming in the form of a drama that is fun and educational. It is a story of community development. There are both funny, happy, sad, full of flavors, and I would like to leave you as the organizer.


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