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“Tanyaporn” grabbed the 4th gold for the Thai sniper army. at the 2021 Asian Championships

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shooting competition Asian Championship 2021 in Kazakhstan, Thailand sent a total of 18 athletes to compete, led by “Tanya” Thanyaporn Prukakorn, “As” Naphit Tortangpanich, Thanyalak Chotipiboonsilp, Taewich Tutaweesup, Thawatchai Buayoo, Nuttpanlert Euapinyakul, Nopadon Suthiwirat, Nesara Champarat, Chidchanok Hiranperm, Chanitha Sartavej, Sirichit Kongnil, Tararat Morakot, Thanapassorn Kongkasem and Jaden Jitwee Mohprasit

By competing on 12 and 13 Sept ago Thai shooter Nopadon Sitthiwirat won a bronze medal. In the men’s airsoft pistol category, Naphit Tortangpanich and Kanittha Sartwet won the gold medal. In the type of air rifle, doubles, a distance of 10 meters was successful.

Including on September 14, “Mew” Nesara Champarat won the gold medal in the women’s airsoft pistol category. Continuing on September 15, Thanyaporn Prukkon won another gold medal, “Mew” Nesara Champarat won a silver medal and “Kook” Chidchanok Hiranperm received a bronze medal. The Thai marksmanship team has already won 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

Most recently, on September 17, Thai snipers competed in the category. Mixed double airsoft pistol by “Tanya” Thanyakorn Prukkon paired with Nopadon Suthiwirat together to help blow up the form. Once again the gold medal was successfully won, the silver medal went to Kazakhstan (Team 2) and the bronze medal. Being a marksman from Kazakhstan (Team 1), Thai snipers have produced 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, with Thanya “Tanya” Pruekakorn winning 2 gold medals.

Sakon Wannaphong, the president of the Shooting Association of Thailand, revealed that Thai athletes have to be admired for their mentality, concentration, and good concentration before the trip, and set a goal that at least 3 gold medals have been obtained, 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals. and 2 bronze medals, everyone is doing a good job. This will be a ticket to the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games competition. In the beginning of next year in Thailand next.

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