‘Tash Ma Tash’ returns with laughter and thought Tash Ma Tash’ returns with laughter and thought

Jeddah: The famous comedy series ‘Tash Ma Tash’, which made the country’s television audience laugh and think for 17 years, is coming back. The return of the comedy series was announced by the Chairman of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Turki Al Sheikh. Alusheikh said that the series will resume on MBC channel in the coming Ramadan and the program will have the full support of the Saudi Entertainment Authority.

This is a popular comedy show by comedians Nasser Al-Khasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan, who are loved by the audience. Her comedy clips are popular among people even today. Starting in 1993, the series discussed the social issues of the society in a humorous way for more than 17 years. It was shown on Saudi television until it moved to the MBC channel in 2006.

The series ended in 2008. Instead, until 2011, the series ‘Nam Naam Naam Naam Ir Gram Aram Lakhdi’ was televised. It was attended by a group of prominent people from the world of art and theater in Saudi and the Gulf.

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