Home Business ‘TAT’ expects Thai people to reserve 2 million rights, ‘We travel together, phase 3’, all sold out in December.

‘TAT’ expects Thai people to reserve 2 million rights, ‘We travel together, phase 3’, all sold out in December.

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“TAT” expects Thai people to parade to exercise the rights of the project. “We travel together, phase 3”, 2 million rights will be exhausted by this December, indicating the trend of booking rights during the long holiday at the end of October 64 “Chonburi – Prachuap” is lively.

Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said that the project “We Travel Together, Phase 3” get attention fromThai touristsIn a large number of hotel reservations, about 50,000 rights per day (rooms), if the domestic tourism climate recovers from the situationCovid-19 Consistently good, unchanged It is expected that the rights of the We Travel Together Phase 3 project should be fully booked for 2 million rights within December 2021.

and when looking at only the currenthotel bookingAccommodation through the project from 20-26 Oct. This haslong weekendseveral days in a row Found that hotel reservations in tourist provinces are bustling all over the country. There were 63,819 hotel reservations with payment already. In 22 tourist provinces, there were 49,007 reservations, or 77% of the total rights in that period.

Read the news: Summary of how to book a hotel “We Travel Together Phase 3” must be booked directly with the hotel only.

for 10 provinces with the most tourists exercising rightsThere are 43,752 rights, representing 68.5% of the total rights by the province.Chonburi Reigning champion, there are tourists interested in using the rights of the We Travel Together project, Phase 3, amounting to 10,482 rights, or 21% of the total rights, followed by the province.Prachuap Khiri Khan 7,068 rights or 14%, followed by the province.Phetchaburi Number of 4,414 rights or 9%, Mon.Phuket 3,953 rights or 8% andBangkok 3,770 or 8%

In this regard, from 8-19 October 2021, nationwidehotel bookingTotal (reservation value that includes 60% public funds and 40% government contributions) worth 1,569.33 million baht. Top 10 popular tourist provinces The total booking value is 1,200 million baht, or 77% of the total value of the country. In order of popularity, the first place was Chonburi Province with a total value of 210.47 million baht, followed by Prachuap Khiri Khan Province with a total value of 190.84 million baht, Bangkok with a total value of 136.45 million baht, Phuket Province with a total value of 135.71 million baht and Krabi province with a total value. Total value 109.49 million baht, Phetchaburi province total value 96.87 million baht, Nakhon Ratchasima province total value 82.21 million baht, Trat province total value 82.17 million baht, Surat Thani province total value 80.05 million baht and Chiang Mai province total value 75.7 million baht.

Throughout the country, there is a total spendinge-voucherthat the government contributes to pay 40% or a maximum value of 600 baht/day/right to pay for food and beverages OTOP products And entrance fees to tourist attractions amounted to 24.51 million baht, while the 10 tourist provinces with the highest spending value of e-vouchers were 18.99 million baht.

governor TATadded that For the number of people applying to participateProject we travel togetherAccumulated from phase 1-3, a total of 8,857,175 operators, 6,781 operators, divided into 4,810 hotels, 1,776 restaurants, 75 tourist sites/services, 30 OTOPs, 18 health and beauty and 72 rental cars. We travel together, phase 3, from September 24, 2021, which is open for applications to join the project, based on information as of October 19, in the past. There were 688,697 people interested in applying to join the project.


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