Home News TAT respects the decision of ‘the agency’ after informing Lisa that the queue can’t be packed, proceeding to talk to “Andrea”

TAT respects the decision of ‘the agency’ after informing Lisa that the queue can’t be packed, proceeding to talk to “Andrea”

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Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revealed that from the plan to approach Lisa Blackpink or Ms. Lalisa Manoban as a world-famous Thai artist which is the most viewed female solo artist on YouTube within 24 hours; and Andrea Bocelli, the world’s number 1 Italian opera singer. Attending the New Year’s Countdown 2022 in Thailand TAT latest progress. The Seoul office was informed by Lisa’s agency that it was unable to attend the event and TAT respected the decision and hoped to have the opportunity to work together in the future. Lee is in the process of further consideration.

Mr. Yuthasak said that TAT will move forward in accordance with the government’s policy. in accepting foreign tourists who have received the full dose of vaccination and traveling from 45 low-risk countries and 1 special administrative region, Hong Kong, on November 1, will organize the Reopen Thailand: Culture & Tourism Festival in the tourism pilot area. (Blue area) and other areas throughout the country, mainly considering the readiness of the situation in the area such as vaccination coverage and the number of infected people is low on the basis of disease control measures to create a safe space for travel The format of the Reopen Thailand: Culture & Tourism Festival is a great gathering of local artists. Artists in various fields All affiliations, all genres, along with promoting tourism. Whether it’s a tourist destination, local food, to bring happiness to Thai people after almost two years of facing the Covid-19 crisis, which is considered to unlock tourism in the country. Maintain a balance between public health and the economy. It is a mechanism to help return to normal life. answering the question of opening the country and support the economic recovery

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