TAT spends 150 million baht, arranging “reduction along the sky, flying all over Thailand”

Mr Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revealed that TAT, together with the Airline Association in Thailand, launched the “Discount All Over Fah, Fly All Over Thailand” project to offer a special discount of 300 baht per number booking of 500,000 privileges for passengers who buy tickets from all 6 airlines, namely Bangkok Airways. Thai Air Asia Thai Smile Nok Air Thai Lion Air and Thai Viet Jet Between September 19 and October 10, 65, passengers can enter discount code (Promotion Code) “AMZTH300” on the airline’s website. and can be used to travel from 1 November – 31 December 65

The project “Reduce along the sky, fly all over Thailand” that TAT has spent a budget of 150 million baht, with the expectation that it can stimulate tourism in the country. Where domestic tourists spend about 4,000 baht per trip, it is expected that there will be about 2,000 million baht in cash in the fourth quarter.

The TAT Governor said that during the past of travel control measures Higher ticket price Temporary suspension of service for some airlines and the limited number of aircraft that can be serviced As a result, the rate of domestic tourist travel by plane has decreased.

While in the year 65, TAT aims to generate income for the tourism industry 1.5 trillion baht, or return to 50% of the year 62 with an income of 3 trillion baht, with a target of 160 million Thai tourists – times a generating approximately 656 billion baht in revenue During the first half of year 65, 74.33 million Thai tourists traveled – times.

“In order to stimulate air travel TAT, therefore, joins the Airline Association in Thailand to organize a marketing promotion project to stimulate Thai tourist travel through air travel “Reduce Through Air, Fly Through Thailand”. Marketing to motivate people to travel”

Mr Yuthasak said that in the last 2 days, the number of foreign tourists entering Thailand is more than 60,000 people / day, from the previous 35-50,000 people / day, he believes that from within a month. This September, the number of foreign tourists will increase to 6 million and at least 10 million by the end of 65, while the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has set a target of 10 million this year 160 million people and tourists in the country – times

Puttipong Mr Medicine Prasat Thong the president of the Thai Airways Association said that the aviation industry has been affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 since 63. Overall, the business airline in Thailand is 64, the number of passengers has decreased by 64.1 percent from the year 63. The number of passengers between Domestic flights decreased by 90.2 percent and domestic passengers decreased by more than 54 percent. Total flight volume decreased by 48.5 percent, with international flights down 46.6% and domestic flights down 49.1 per cent as a result of the travel restrictions

But from the situation of easing measures and opening the country Gradually, the airlines increased the number of flights. As a result, international and domestic flights tend to increase constantly. In year 64, there were 3 most popular routes on domestic routes, Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang) – Chiang Mai was found to have the highest number of passengers at 1.56 million, and then down, including the Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang) – Phuket route with 1.31 million passengers and the Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang) – Hat Yai air routes, with 1.10 million people

The collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand in the “Reduce By Air, Fly Through Thailand” project is to support the recovery of the Thai economy to recover and hopefully help to spread the number of tourists to other routes, especially the routes to secondary cities, such as Sukhothai, Chiang Rai, Nakhon Si Tham, Trang, Buriram and Krabi, etc.

By the way, the “Reduce All Fah, Fly Through Thailand” project, each airline is supported according to its market share. by Thai Air Asia which has the largest market share of 28-30%

All 6 airlines also organize special promotions as well as discounts from the “Discount All over the Sky, Fly All Over Thailand” project, including Bangkok Airways. Arrange travel promotions to secondary cities such as Sukhomai, special price 900 baht, Trat 690 baht, Thai AirAsia increases the frequency of flights in major cities and secondary cities more in 4Q22 to return to flying 100% with a promotion of 0 baht and 780 baht on each path

Nok Air just opened the route Chiang Mai – Hong Son Thai Smile Airways Focus on selling more services, ready to weigh 20 kg each flight with food and drink while Thai Lion Air returns to flying at 100% full in 4Q22 the main city ​​and the secondary city including a discount and weight of 10 kg on the Thai airline Vietjet It prepares a promotional price for domestic routes 499 baht and 699 baht and increases the frequency, including collaboration with local hotels to increase convenience for passengers.

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