Tawakkalna Apple now only has immun status for those who have completed two doses of vaccine

Tawakkalna, a personal application, has undergone changes following the introduction of a two-dose vaccine ban in Saudi Arabia. Immune status will now be available only to those who have completed both doses. There is also a facility to identify other categories in separate statuses. The Saudi Ministry of Health has revealed the latest changes in Tawakkalna. The change comes as the law mandating two doses of the vaccine comes into effect today.

From now on, only those who have completed two doses of the vaccine will get the immunological status in Tawakkalna. Others have special status. Those who take a single dose will be marked as having taken the first dose, and those under the age at which the vaccine is prescribed will be classified as having no confirmed disease and those who have been vaccinated will not be vaccinated unless they have received it. Patients, those who have been in contact with patients, and those who stay in the home quarantine and hotel quarantine can also be identified in a separate status. The Ministry of Health has stated that the status quo for those who have been exempted from receiving the vaccine will remain the same.