Taxi Driver Attempts Self-Immolation as Protest for Unpaid Wages

Taxi Driver Attempts to Set Himself on Fire Amid Wage Dispute

A shocking incident unfolded in front of a taxi company in Seoul’s Yangcheon-gu as a taxi driver in his 50s attempted self-immolation. The driver, identified as Mr. A, was swiftly rushed to the hospital with severe injuries.

According to reports, Mr. A had been embroiled in a bitter conflict with the company over unpaid wages. In fact, he had resorted to holding one-person protests in front of the company, highlighting the persistent issue of unpaid wages.

The Seoul Yangcheon Police Station confirmed that the incident took place at 8:26 am on the 26th on a road in Shinwol-dong. Authorities are currently reviewing CCTV footage in the vicinity and interrogating company officials to gather further information.

This distressing event serves as a somber reminder of the mounting tensions within the taxi industry and the dire circumstances faced by some drivers. The police are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident in order to shed light on the underlying issues and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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A taxi driver in his 50s tried to set himself on fire in front of his company and was taken to hospital with serious injuries. It is known that the taxi driver has been in conflict with the company over unpaid wages. Seoul Yangcheon Police Station announced, at 8:26 am on the 26th, on the road in front of a taxi company in Shinwol-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, a taxi driver in his 50s, Mr. It is known that Mr A has been experiencing conflict with the company, including holding a one-person protest in front of the company over non-payment of wages. Police are checking nearby CCTV and seeking detailed information from company officials. Reporter Go Byeong-chan
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