Taxi that crashed through the wall on the 5th floor of a mart parking lot, hit by vehicles and passersby

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Today, in the parking lot on the 5th floor of a large supermarket in Busan, a taxi pierced the outer wall of the building and fell 20 meters down, hitting a vehicle on the road.

A taxi driver was killed in the accident and seven people were injured, including a passerby.

Reporter Ji-ho Ji-ho covered the story.

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Suddenly, a vehicle jumps out of the building and falls straight into the road.

With a loud explosion, the taxi quickly broke through the outer wall of the parking lot on the 5th floor of a large mart, fell near the center line of the road, and turned around and crashed into vehicles waiting for a signal.


“The car flew from the Homeplus parking lot and fell on the road in front of Daiso… Now the cars are…”

Shattered car shards are scattered about, and dusty smoke rises as if on fire.

On the sidewalk below the mart, the debris from the broken parking lot fell like a bomb.

The accident vehicle fell from the parking lot and struck down vehicles and pedestrians that were stopped on the road.

A taxi driver in his 70s was killed in the accident, and seven people, including two pedestrians, were injured and taken to the hospital.


“It was so loud that I was very surprised… a few cars were also crushed, and the car fell in the middle between the two sides (road).”

The exterior wall of the building through which the taxi pierced was in the direction of the parking lot exit.

The police believe that the accident occurred as the taxi, which was trying to find an exit and went downstairs, could not turn and went straight.

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“I didn’t turn right, but it seemed to speed up and go through the wall.”

The exterior wall of the parking lot was ripped through by a taxi.

According to the enforcement regulations of the Parking Lot Act, a wall must be built so that it can withstand a two-ton vehicle crashing into it at a speed of 20 km/h.

The police have secured CCTVs inside the mart to check whether taxis are speeding, as well as poor construction of parking lots.

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Video coverage: Bo-Moon Lee (Busan) / Video provided by Myeong-Seon Kim, Young-Jin Jeon, Min-Do Kim, Seon-Woo Kim, Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarters/Busan Police Agency

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