Taylor Swift distributes video behind the scenes you need to close down videos

Taylor Swift distributes video behind the scenes you need to close down videos

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Taylor Swift has made two footage of his background about his utmost pride you need to close, showing how he worked with music director Drew Kirsch, the pop star Hayley Kiyoki and the Eye Queer who spent the fun with the series.

The video included some of the most intense artists in 2019, including Todrick Hall, Ellen DeGeneres and Laverne Cox and while there was a lot of criticism, Taylor seems to be very happy with him.

'I can't go beyond this world, the art direction, the design, the color blocking… it's as aesthetically pleasing as it breaks for Drew, adding:' He was working to great with Drew.

'This was the first time I ever worked with him and we wanted this video… well, his style is very unusual and unusual and unbiased in the best way possible, so we wanted it to be true.

‘There were so many hysterical people and wonderful times and as many laughs.

Todrick Hall, Eye Queer boys and Taylor Swift (Picture: Taylor Swift)

In the video, Antoni Porowski is shared on her Instagram, and he is heard on a mocking camera: ‘How pleasant is life? Can we have a second one that we want to do? What? & # 39;

The video you want to close has made some huge waves, as he put the final nail in a coffin with Katy Perry.

There was a large crowd of celebratory showers as well as the lyrics that infringe internet trolleys and those that are anti-LGBTQ +.

The new 29-year old song includes lyrics like ‘why are you crazy when you might be GLAAD? 'And don't make anyone less gay'.

Taylor behind scenes of video (Picture: Taylor Swift)

She then used the lyrics video to highlight the letters E and A in the seating, peace and scream words, referring to the Equality Act which is currently going through a conference.

If adopted, it would amend the Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity across different sectors, including employment, housing and education.

An open letter addressed to Tennessee's senator, Lamar Alexander, was released giving the star Look What You Made Me To encourage him to support the Equality Act which would support and protect LGBT + people.

Bigger: Taylor Swift

Many others have signed the petition since then, including a number of Democratic nominees in the United States.

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