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Chasing the light, not yielding. It is the pursuit of the same goal between Cuicha and “Brother Chase Light”. The recently popular variety show “Brother Chase Light” has brought a wave of enthusiasm to the film and television industry. A group of unconvinced men use their sweat to show the world the attitude that men should have in this era. Three generations of male artists gathered in the same variety show and wrote the most powerful commentary for “chasing light”. Cuicha picks up the light milk tea and “Brother Chase the Light” breaks the world, picks up the tea and keeps chasing the light.

Pick up all the tea without avoiding the edge. The cooperation between Cui Tea Picking Light and “Brother Chasing Light” realizes the brand breaking across the screen, uses variety shows to speak out, confronts the spirit channel of the Z era, and constantly meets new opportunities and challenges. Cuicha Shuguang milk tea selects high-quality high mountain tea, low-temperature extraction technology, and senior supplier raw material support, one-stop control, and is a high-quality milk tea adherent.

Combining strong forces and picking up the light of tea extraction, we adhere to the original leaf extraction technology, combine traditional Chinese tea culture with modern tea-making technology, carefully select materials, and give consumers a brand-new tea drinking experience. Adhering to the spirit of tea people, reshaping a new definition of Chinese tea, and creating an ingenious tea with the brand personality of “Creating Tea to Pick up Light” Once “Brother Chasing Light” was broadcast, the online topic reads nearly 5 billion, and the discussion volume is nearly 6 million. The platform has the second highest ratings in the same period, attracting a group of loyal viewers and traffic. In 2021, Cuicha Guangxi will join forces with “Brother Chasing Light” to take advantage of the flow to become an important member of the tea market in 2021.

In terms of positioning, the target audience of “Brother Chasing Light” is 70/80/90 female audiences, while the audience of Cuicha’s products is 80/90/00 female audiences. Most of the target groups overlap and can be achieved. Maximize the effect of publicity.

Extract tea picks up the advantages of the product, using small grains into tea, making milk tea youth with ingredients. The tea picks up all natural grains such as quinoa, oats, blood glutinous rice, and coix seed. For the selection of small ingredients, there are not only the conventional ones on the market, but also novel ones such as white fungus, brulees, pumpkin and fermented rice, which are more interesting and flexible in addition. Here is an introduction to the selection of materials and flavors of some of the flagship products picked up by Cuicha.

Product name: Cherries Bobo Crispy Frappuccino

Product description: Fresh and plump cherries, matched with the spring tea of ​​four seasons that has fallen into the Q bomb, crisp and refreshing, the top is rich and mellow and sprinkled with a layer of popping candy on top, making you feel the surprise of the tongue beating .

Product Name: Classic Quinoa Milk

Product description: Healthy quinoa, low-fat nutrition, full quinoa chew in the mouth, mixed with rich and mellow organic milk, one bite meets both healthy and delicious needs.

Product name: Poplar twig nectar is very nice

Product description: Selected fresh mangoes, delicate flesh, blended into the mellow and smooth coconut milk, and then scooped a spoonful of grapefruit diced and sago dew, layer by layer, just right.

Product name: Cup full of fresh fruit big coffee

Product description: A cup full of large pieces of fresh fruit pulp, with refreshing green tea, each drop extracts the original taste of the tea, healthy and self-cultivating, returning to the basics.

Bravely “chasing the light”, Cuicha Shiguang and “Brother Chasing the Light” broke the wall, and at the same time reached a strategic cooperation with 19 satellite TVs, and the broadcast brand received steady gold traffic. Co-promotion with “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, with the help of the show’s popularity, let more people know that the tea is picked up, the audience becomes customers, and the high-quality healthy milk tea is promoted to a larger market.


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