Home News Teacher Nat pushes on the idea of ​​Dr. Taweesilp. detained I recommend you to stay for 2 nights by yourself.

Teacher Nat pushes on the idea of ​​Dr. Taweesilp. detained I recommend you to stay for 2 nights by yourself.

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Teacher Nat pushes on the idea of ​​Dr. Taweesilp. detained pointing out that the day is hot, the liver is broken because he had been there for a month Suggest people come up with ideas and try to stay by themselves for 2 nights.

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July 7, 2021 – From the case of Dr. Taweesin Witsanuyothin, spokesman for the Center for the Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CCSA), said at one point that Characteristics of infection after construction workers returned from Bangkok and its vicinity Causes family infection clusters, divided into 6 clusters in the North, 21 infected, 4 in the Northeast, 16 infected.

“In the northeast and north family and community level I wish the northeastern and northern brothers and sisters to understand this issue. After coming home, please build some distance. The northeastern region is spacious. Arguing about the model was born back then. Ask to sleep in the field most of which are young people Sick, not much symptoms Self-quarantine lying there. Someone delivered food, water, the same family. which is very cute I asked to use the method of wisdom. Or think from the area to help each other.”

However, many have criticized the model. By commenting in the same way that quarantine in Klang Na It might not be the right choice. because of the hot weather and may also cause discomfort to the infected person as well

Most recently, “Nat” Kesarin Chaichalermphon, an actress-model. Has come out to comment on the idea of ​​the CCC, stating that “It’s arguing normal people in the northeast Some areas are areas of the temple. Your nun will build a cloister. Take a break after the evening routine.”

“It’s very hot during the day without a fan. Or even if there is a fan, it’s hot. The liver is broken. The wind blows during the day, but it’s hot. Until the sun sets and the wind falls It’s almost 6 p.m. Even sitting on a pavilion with a fan at 4 o’clock surrounded in the middle of a sweaty rice field, like taking a shower If you’re not used to the bad weather, your body.”

“Ask here and stay here for a month. Ideally, the weather is only early in the morning and late at night. If you do, try it and try to put yourself in for a night or two. If you can, people who are quarantined will probably be able to stay. Try it first.”

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