Teacher Phu Langka explains the knot of “snail star” after the drama is scandalous.

Phu Langka Park explains the crux of the “Snail Star” scandal with a small loudspeaker, but echoes Phan Phum may be secretly tucked into a backpack, avoiding the sight of the officials.

After the case of “Star Snail” and the group went to the Naka Cave by Super VIP model perform the sacrifice ceremony, break the rules-rules, make a loud noise, do not listen to what the guide warns create a burden on the park staff Plus it takes up so much of the other tourists’ time that there are people yelling. which in the end became a merit, but got the sin back because it became a scandalous news all over Thailand

Naka Cave, Phu Langka Province
Most recently, Mr. Arom Phasida, the head of Phu Langka National Park Came out to reveal to the media that the group of snail stars came together about 28-29 people. who do not know if there is a secret in the bag or not because the downtrend has brought the bush back down as well

The speakers are actually brought up. It is a small Bluetooth speaker to bring prayers. But the opening in the cave made an echoing sound, even if it was opened softly, which the officers did not go into and did not know how to get flowers or speakers to go up. If the officer sees it, they will give a warning.

In addition, the head of the National Council for Peace and Order Phu Langka also revealed that Naka Cave Flower offerings, incense and candles are not allowed. alcoholic beverages plastic bag up except for necessary items

Naka Cave, Phu Langka Province
while Mr. Damrat Phoprasit Director of the Office of National Parks Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Revealed to the press that it has been reported from the area. Found that there are still inaccurate information. Does not match with people with news issues arise. So let’s find out the facts in this section. If found that there is a violation of the rules that are actually set will consider adjusting according to the regulations which still cannot say that it will be violated What are the prohibitions?

Snake Head Rock, Naka Cave
For the case of snail stars, a VIP trip to Phu Langka which later appeared as a scandalous news “Kalamer-Patcharasri Benjamas” has revealed that it is not himself. ready to go empty-handed Never sacrifice. As for betel nut, someone up there wears a backpack and divides them to hold in order to finish at the head when paying homage to the betel nut. brought back to worship at home

However, this is still an issue for netizens to debate. And continue to search for the snail star?

A collection of photos of celebrities and celebrities traveling to
As for Naka Cave, located in Phu Langka National Park, Bueng Khong Long District, Bueng Kan Province, the reason why this cave is named “Tham Naka” or “Tham Phaya Nak” is due to the nature of the rocks and the walls of the cave that look like a serpent. which is shaped like a serpent or a large snake curled up with important parts, including the head, body and scales of the serpent (according to the imagination and beliefs of the villagers)

In addition, this cave also has stories, legends, beliefs that are linked to the serpent. Naga Cave is a giant serpent or serpent that has been cursed to stone.

Naka Cave has outstanding interesting things such as “Hin Hua Ngu” or “Hin Hua Phaya Naga” or “Hin Hua Naka” that today 3 heads are found scattered in the area and there is a “body of Naga” caused by lifting. The body of the land (Tectonic uplift) in the Northeast, including the “Naga scales” caused by the geological phenomenon “Sun Cracks”

Naka Cave is one of the famous tourist attractions in our country. Especially the mutelu line There is a belief in various sacred places because the caves are amazing from natural geological phenomena. combined with beliefs about the serpent It has attracted tourists from all over the world, including celebrities, celebrities and celebrities. Travel to visit this cave a lot.

What netizens suspect

What netizens suspect

What netizens suspect

What netizens suspect

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