Teacher Preecha opened her heart to the MPs. Many parties flirt Don’t worry about past affairs The truth is the truth

Teacher Preecha opened her heart to the MPs. Many parties flirt with Don’t worry about past cases Shout the truth is the truth buy lottery tickets happily Prepare to hold a speech in Kanchanaburi province

At 1:00 pm on March 22, 2023 at the Town Hotel in the Town, Sriwara Road, Wang Thonglang District, Bangkok, Mr. Preecha Krai Kruan or Teacher Preecha, 30 million lottery, announced that he is a candidate for MPs, District 1, Kanchanaburi Province, Thai People’s Party with other party members

Professor Preecha reveals that he has had a personal passion for politics for a long time. Because I have taught social studies for many years. until he got the chance to become a politician Before, I used to solve problems for friends. students and parents admitted many political parties contact and discuss But he liked Prachakorn’s Thai Party. with Mr Samak Sundaravej, former prime minister as the founder So come and apply to join yourself. because this party focuses on pushing for the public good. Friendly to the people and aims to solve the problems of the stomach. He was proud and happy to be close to the people. in order to identify the real problem

Teacher Preecha revealed that he personally likes buying lottery tickets. So he has a personal policy that wants to help support traders who sell lottery tickets at the price set by the state There is also a personal slogan that “Truth is truth. Buy lottery tickets happily,” he confirmed that was the real intention. not creating a flow and not worrying about legal cases in the past Because the team has studied the law and has no prohibited features.

“I’m not worried about the area’s rivals. Just see if they are willing to help the people or not. and it will help physically and mentally Confident that he will definitely win this election battle Thank you for all the encouragement. Soon, there will be a speech stage in Kanchanaburi state too,” concluded Kru Preecha.


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