Teacher sentenced to death for sexual assault of 13 underage girls

9 babies born… Indian prosecutors request chemical castration and disclosure of personal information

The death penalty has been requested for the teacher and operator of Inmyeonsusim, who raped 13 underage girls at an Indonesian Islamic boarding school and gave birth to 9 babies.

According to the Daily Compass on the 11th, Indonesian prosecutors made such a request at the trial of a sexual assault case against Heri Wirawan (36), a teacher and foundation manager of an Islamic boarding school, held at the Bandung Court in West Java on the 11th.

The online trial has been held since November of last year, but on this day, the first face-to-face trial was held and reporters flocked to it.

Harry is accused of habitually sexually assaulting 13 16- to 17-year-old girls from the Bandung Islamic boarding school he teaches from 2016 to recently.

Eight of the victims gave birth to nine children, and prosecutors said there are still victims who are pregnant.

Harry, who taught religious subjects, was found to have received donations from the community by deceiving the children of sexual assault victims as ‘orphans’ and even putting the victims into construction sites when building a new school building.

At the trial that day, the prosecution requested Harry not only to be sentenced to death, but also to chemical castration (medicine treatment for sexual chungdong) and to disclose personal information.

In addition, the court also requested compensation of Rp 310 million (26 million won) for the victims and the dissolution of the Islamic boarding school foundation where the incident occurred.

Prosecutors said, “The accused used religious symbols and educator status to manipulate and sexually abuse minor victims,” ​​the prosecution said.

After the gang rape and murder of a teenage girl in Kulu on the island of Sumatra in 2016, Indonesia revised its rules on the punishment of sex offenders against children, making the death penalty and chemical castration possible.


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