Teachers of Denver, West Virginia are coming closer to you

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– The labor disaster is falling down the string in the "Mile High" city. The union of the Denver teachers for Monday is striking, but hitting the area for more negotiation this afternoon.

– – The Home Democrats aim to make a bill today designed to tackle the so-called Dickey Amendment, which prevents the CDC from overseeing control of the guns and has a federally cooling research on the issue.

– – Harvard president warned that "all public support for high education is threatened" in a speech Thursday.

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SALE ADVERTISES, MAKE TO MAKE TO MAKE REVIEW: Leaders from the Denver Classroom Teachers Association and the Denver Public Schools are attending tonight to market 7 p.m. EST. The talks come three days before the planned strike of the Union on Monday. Both sides are about $ 8 million apart when it comes to compensation proposals, Denver Post reports.

– Meanwhile in West Virginia, Trade Unions are voting this week to authorize the leaders to stop a job stop, but the result has yet to be announced. The AFT-West Virginia unions, the West Virginia Education Association and the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association.

– – The vote which comes ahead of a public hearing on Monday West Western Chatters' House to discuss a contest education bill already made by the Seanad of the State. The bill would increase teachers, but there are other provisions such as creating a chartered school program that is not good for teachers unions.

DEMOCRATS PUSH ON FUNDING FOR SALE: Home Democrats want to eliminate the provision of twenty years of age that the CDC refuses to research on craft violence. Computers Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) Aims to release a bill today that would allow the general surgeon to report annually on the Conference on how gun violence affects the health of the community and what it does the administration to address it.

– – The expectations of Kelly's actions are going through the narrow Republican control Seanad, while its supporters say that they are a better chance than other measures, to promote more sweeping measures on the measures for Home Democrats. Read more from Alice Miranda Ollstein.

HARVARD LEADER: & # 39; ACTIVITIES OF UNITED PURPOSES ON OUR NUMBER & # 39 ;: American colleges are seen as an elitist, politically overwhelming, left-up and non-tolerant of conservative views, and people believe that "we can not control our own cost – or worse, we will charge what will be on the market as we can. " These are the "significant pressures" facing American universities, President Harvard, Lawrence Bacow, said at the conservative American Institute of America Thursday.

– – "All public support for high education is a threat," said Bacow, and universities must note. "There is no higher education institution in the country that is rich enough without public support, and Harvard is included."

– – Still, Bacow argued "the death of American higher education as we know that it is over-estimated, and steady." Although many small colleges have closed in recent years – and more experts believe – he said universities were always able to change and adapt. "They are really quite lasting," he said.

– – What about that legal plan? Bacow did not say enough about Harvard's legal battle for using a race in entries, but he said "we spent millions of dollars that I am going to defend against the lawsuit. I think you are aware of "of course, to preserve the school to seek the ability of minority students and privileges. "We have folks who want to make our entries on the basis of grades and test scores," he said.

MOODY NOTES ON THE STATE OF FUNDING: The financial services company gave good news to universities in its latest report: State public education funding rose in 43 states in 2019 fiscal, more than the previous year when 32 goals target. The long-term trend that states have slashing higher education budgets that Moody considers positive credit for schools.

RESEARCH FOR A FOUNDATION ON PICTURE SCHOOLS, SECONDARY: The Institute of Educational Sciences announced this week $ 25 million was awarded to establish three research and development centers. At the University of Missouri and Harvard, centers will focus on improving rural education, and one at the University of California, Irvine focuses on the writing of a secondary school student.

CERTAIN MORE FOR WORK IN PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico's Secretary of Education Julia Keleher said that two more charter schools will open, giving the whole to three. Read more from Bianca Quilantan.

KLOBUCHAR IN THE PEOPLE'S EDUCATION LIBRARY COMPLETE YOU: Mr. Amy Klobuchar – who is expected to announce if she is running a president on Sunday – re-enacted legislation that would enable 529 educational savings account funds to be used for training and accreditation programs. Read more from host hostels.

– – Santonu Jana nominated as chief financial officer by AN ACT. He is currently managing principal for Axle Finance and Strategy Consulting.

– During 2017-18, state 28 levels of increased funding for pre-K programs; and overall, state funding for pre-K programs increased over 3.42 per cent, over the previous fiscal year, according to a new analysis by the State Education Commission.

– Stanford faculty links with "Frankenstein China" He Jiankui and his child-defined work: South China Morning Post.

– Virginia Republican organized book by racial images: POLITICO.

– Schools set a snow announcement for the music: Wall Street Journal.

– Oklahoma runs Capitol security after the teacher's walk: The Associated Press.

– Mr. President Joe Trump Joe Manchin calls to the students: Metro News.

– Some of the highest school salaries at home are D.C. chart administrators. their teachers, some of the lowest ones: Washington City Paper.

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