Team B of the PDP National Conference; 3 more leaders resign | PDP NC Jammu Kashmir

New Delhi: Three more PDP leaders have resigned in Jammu and Kashmir. Daman Bhasin, Falleil Singh and Pritam Kotwal resigned after pointing out that the party had become the B team of the National Conference (NC). The other three leaders resigned a month ago.

The leaders said in a letter that they had joined the PDP to fight the corrupt and colonial NC. However, it is alleged that the PDP leadership is completely ignoring the agenda of Mufti Mohammad Saeed, the party’s founder.

‘Apart from being the NC’s B team, the PDP has been making provocative and controversial statements. This is against the basic principles of Mufti Sahib. In the current situation, as Sahib’s disciples, we cannot move forward as the second party of the NC, ”the letter said.

TS Bajwa, Ved Mahajan and Hussain A. Wafa resigned in October. Her resignation came after Mehbooba’s statement that her party would not allow the national flag to be hoisted without allowing the Jammu and Kashmir flag to be hoisted.

English Summary: 3 more PDP leaders quit party, say it has become NC’s B Team


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