“Team Bike Aid” announced the defending champion. International two-wheeler “Tour of Thailand”

On November 30, 64, “Seth Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand. Under the Royal Patronage revealed that the international long-distance cycling competition “Tour of Thailand 2021” competes for the trophy of King Kanitthathirat. Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Between 1-10 December 2021 by the men’s team Competition between December 1-6, routes in Songkhla-Phatthalung-Nakhon Si Thammarat-Trang-Satun, distance 979.50 km. Competing between December 8-10, routes within Songkhla, a distance of 241.10 kilometers, a total distance of 1,220.60 kilometers, the latest on November 30, all foreign athletes have arrived in Songkhla Province. with a licensing test or licenses, team shirt checks and manager meetings at BP Samila Beach Hotel

General Decha said that for the 1st stage competition on December 1, it was honored by Mr. Jesada Chitrat, Governor of Songkhla Province. presided over the opening ceremony of the competition and released the athletes, with Mr. Supit Pitaktham, president of the Songkhla cycling club as a reporter In addition, bicycles will be provided. Friends bike project to Songkhla Province to be donated to well-educated but poor students in the wilderness For the race route starting from the front of Tinsulanonda Stadium, Songkhla Province, on the beach side of Chalatat. through Tinsulanonda Bridge across songkhla lake Enter Singhanakhon District Passing Sathing Phra District, Pha Ko Temple, Ranot District, into Phatthalung Province Passing the 80th Anniversary Chaloem Phrakiat Bridge, passing Thale Noi, reaching the finish line at San Suk Lampam Beach. Phatthalung Province, a distance of 145.80 kilometers by Thai PBS television station Live broadcast on Facebook Live and YouTube from 09.00 until the end of the competition.

“Sek. Ink” went on to say that Now the weather in Songkhla is clear. There is no rain like the last 2-3 days, so there are no problems and obstacles to the competition. For the teams that compete in the “Tour of Thailand 2021” battle, all 15 teams are extraordinary. Even Team Bike Aid, the old champion from Germany. It is also said that it is very hard work. Last year, the Bike Aid team won both the team and individual championships. Because many teams are facing problems with COVID-19 But this year, the team that comes to compete is a team at the King level. So the team that will win the different types of champions. Both the team championship, the total time champion, the speed champion or mountain champion Therefore, it is quite difficult while the two Thai teams, both the Thailand Continental team and the Thai national team. have to fight hard But there is a chance to win the ASEAN Championship and the U-23 version. Importantly, try to keep the victory on stage. Including the speed and the mountain to stock up as many points as possible

“The Tour of Thailand 2021 is the only event in Asia. that can manage the competition Demonstrates the potential of Thailand There are many professional teams participating in the competition. for next year’s competition The International Cycling Federation (UCI) has already packed the race into the calendar. Scheduled to race between April 1-10, 2022, routes in Mukdahan, Nakhon Phanom and Sakon Nakhon provinces, all three provinces have already confirmed that they are ready to be hosted. If the Covid-19 situation is lighter and the government’s opening of the country is successful, there will be many teams competing. And there is definitely intense fun,” said General Decha.

Edne van Angelen, head of the Bike Aid team from Germany Which is the former champion of the team category, revealed that our team is happy to be back in the competition again. This year’s competition, he hopes that our team will be able to win one more time. Because we have prepared a team well. and has a high commitment The cyclists in the team have been training in Thailand for about a month now and have been training in Phuket. and Chiang Mai Province Makes them familiar with the weather conditions in Thailand.

Bike Aid reigning champion Nicodemus Holler said he and his teammates were committed to doing their best. because we are well prepared But you have to look at the situation day by day Because last year, there were few foreign teams participating in the competition. Due to the spread of COVID-19, many teams are unable to come to compete. But this year, there are professional and national teams from almost every continent. Although last year he won the championship successfully. But not everyone is able to stand at number 1 every time, so they will try to do their best.

Meanwhile, Seung Kook Woo, LX Cycling Team cyclist from South Korea, said the team was impressed with the welcome from the race organizing committee. And the service of the hotel is very much. As for the training of cyclists, we haven’t had a chance to practice on the actual race track due to bad weather in the past few days. But there have been some rehearsals while in Phuket. Before coming to Songkhla During this time in South Korea, the weather is quite cold. Therefore, our team riders have to try to adapt to all weather conditions of Thailand. encountering hot weather and some days it rains too As for the hope of the team, we will try to sweep all available awards. especially the championship

As for Cormac Maguio, a Wild Life Generation team rider from the United States, the team recently had the opportunity to compete in the “Tour of Thailand” for the first time before coming to the province. Songkhla Our team has been training in Phuket. then traveled to Bangkok Therefore, I had the opportunity to practice at Charoensuk Mongkolchit Cycling Course or Sky Lane, which is a very good practice field. We have had the opportunity to visit many attractions in Bangkok. In addition, you can also see the sea and the Andaman coast. and the Gulf of Thailand The beach is very beautiful. It can be classified as “Amazing Thailand” as for the preparation of the Wild Life team. Well prepared to practice and hopes to win the stage as much as possible

Noah Granigan, another Wild Life Team rider, said he liked Thailand very much. Because there are many beautiful natural attractions. and have tried many Thai food What I like the most is “Pad Thai” and there are many other things that I don’t know the name of. I like Thai fruits, especially mangoes. It’s a very delicious fruit. As for the competition hopes now are not set very high. but will look at the situation step by step but will do the best work

While “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat, head coach of the Thailand Continental team, said that for the race route He has brought athletes to practice in advance. But there is a chance to practice seriously for 4 days, collecting distances of about 600 kilometers, all athletes are physically fit. no injuries As for bicycles and equipment, they are 100% ready. As a host, we have to do our best. But the format of this year’s competition will be very different from last year. Because this year, there are professional riders competing from every continent. Both the United States, South Korea and various national teams. The competition will be more intense. For our goal is to keep the ASEAN champion. including the U-23 We will not underestimate the opponent. and will fight to the fullest


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