Team Group and Asustek Announce TUF Gaming Alliance Co-branded Gaming Memory DELTA RGB DDR5

Team Group’s gaming brand T-FORCE today (30) announced the T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 TUF Gaming Alliance gaming memory launched in cooperation with ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance. This is the first DDR5 co-branded gaming memory under its umbrella. The appearance combines the military style of TUF e-sports agents and the soul of T-FORCE’s unique e-sports elements.

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T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 TUF Gaming Alliance gaming memory, the body design not only maintains full-frame ultra-wide-angle light and geometric concise outlines, but also adds stealth fighter imagery to optimize the overall appearance and make it sharper and more stylish. The Gaming Alliance has worked together to add ingenious camouflage patterns to strongly show the unique gaming style co-branded with TUF, which can satisfy consumers who like the TUF gaming agent style. The T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 TUF Gaming Alliance gaming memory is gorgeous The dazzling RGB effects can be synchronized through the ASUS Aura software, allowing players to create their own style of lighting effects. The specification provides a 6000MHz, 16GBx2 dual-pass package, which will meet the high-profile needs of the latest generation of players and bring extreme speed A new feeling.

Team Group’s e-sports brand T-FORCE and ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance have jointly launched a variety of products that are widely loved by consumers around the world, including solid-state drives and e-sports memory, the first wave of the new generation of cooperation to launch the industry’s first co-branded DDR5 memory , Will bring players a new generation of technological evolution and thrilling speed. In the future, the T-FORCE CARDEA TUF Gaming Alliance Z440 PCIe4.0 M.2 solid state drive will be jointly launched. Please look forward to T-FORCE and TUF Gaming Alliance. An e-sports champion created by the powerful teamwork.



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