Team of the Year Escola Thailand League 2022 Women Week 6

The last game of the first leg, Escola Volleyball Thailand League 17th season 2021-22 has ended, SMMSPORT has gathered the best players. in each position of the women’s team Let’s follow

Kannikar Thipachot : Supreme Chonburi-E.Tech

The best slap star of the pink dolphin also serves in another excellent offensive game Make the team have an aggressive offensive game. Before winning the victory against Nakhon Non 3-0 set and referred to still score 14 points together

Sutatta Chueawoolim : Supreme Chonburi-E.Tech

The 29-year-old has consistently been in good form this season. both tough defensive games Including the offensive game that can still be done decisively, slapping a total of 14 points, leading the team to win 3-0 set against Nakhon Non as well as being the champion of the first leg of the Thailand League.

fast ball
Watchareeya Nuancham : Supreme Chonburi-E.Tech

Benjapace Fast Ball Showed a very good form to play in the front for the team. Made an offensive game with 8 points and still blocked another 4 points in the game that defeated Nakhon Non 3-0 set, including still winning the first leg to reign

Hatairat Jarat : Khon Kaen Star VC

Former fast ball from the Japanese League Just came back onto the field for the team again. And did a good job, slapping 6 points and blocking another 4 points, leading the team to beat Black Power VC 3-1 set

Xavitta Lue Phu Khiao : Nakhon Ratchasima, Cumin C, VC

The 19-year-old youngster has made his debut for the Cat Devils team. Before taking the role of the main set And do a good job of passing the ball to the scorer. Including also scoring from the serve game, 1 point led the team to victory against Proflex RSU VC 3-0 set

B back
Sadanan Punto : Khon Kaen Star VC

The 17-year-old striker has made one more appearance on the field for the team. and is also responsible for both serving games including the offensive game as well as before Scored 16 points for the team, the most on the team before defeating Black Power VC in a fun 3-1 set.

independent receiver
Thikamporn Changkhiew : Diamond Food-Fine Chef Sports Club

The 37-year-old defensive line also serves in the defensive game for Diamond Food very well every time he enters the field. and this week It also helped both the game, serve and receive a slap, leading the team to a 3-0 victory against Kasetsart VC and helping the team finish the second leg of the first leg.

Lieutenant Colonel Nattaphon Srisamutnak : Supreme Chonburi-E. Tech

veteran coach led the team to turn the game from 22-24 behind to overtake and win in the first set before dominating the game better than after And is the side that won the victory against Nakhon Non 3-0 set and led the team to win the 7th match and become the champion of the first leg

Best Player of the Week
Myleen Paat : Nakhon Ratchasima Cumin C VC

B after the Philippines national team. Is the main character in the score for the devil cat team that can still be done decisively and continued excellent And this game made a total of 24 points, the highest this week, defeating Proflex RSU VC 3-0 set

Best Player Thailand League Women’s Team Week 6
Sadanan – Watchareeya – Kannikar
Sutatta – Hathairat – Xavietta

L : Thikamporn
Coach : Nattaphon
MVP : Paat



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